Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gatorade Tri Series Race 5 - Elwood Race Report

Last week saw me talk Friday, Saturday and Sunday off training. Sunday saw me take a trip to Geelong to support the TA crew racing in Geelong, it was wet, it was warm it was great fun! Fast forward 1 week - Another weekend and Triathlon, Friday saw the ye-old setup of the TA Taj. Getting to be an old hand at this but I feel that the team gives me support and this is my well of helping out and supporting the Team.

TA Taj at Elwood

Saturday saw a light training session, the body felt great the rest did it’s trick. I made a promise to myself I would do one race this session with the TT bike. So added race wheels and took the Fuji out for a ride and race.  Saturday’s session felt good, thank god we did some transition work as my transition practice sucked! Didn’t know why could be the many things but the first run through was not good, the 2nd was better. A Quick open water dip and the Saturday session was done. Saturday afternoon saw the last week of my stroke correction class, these class are worth every cent. Saturday night was early to bed and rest for Sunday’s Race.

Sunday – Race Day!

Got to Elwood around 6:30am and made my way to the TA Taj, racked the bike in front of the tent and dropped off my bag. Around 7:00am a few of us made our way down to see the Active Feet TA crew start their race. Towards the end of the swim starts I made back to the TA Taj grabbed my Transition Bag and Bike and headed in to Transition. Got everything setup and then headed back to the Taj.

Around 8:00 I wettied up and headed down to the beach for a pre race swim. First off I noticed that the wind had picked up, during my swim I noticed the further out go, the worst the water got. On Saturday it was clear today it was not.

Lined up and waited for the horn to go, I elected to start down the beach a bit which was good and bad. Good as I was away from all the washing machine start koas, bad as there was a currant pushing down course. The start was good I found clean water (ie. No-one in my water) and pushed starting down course was good as I didn’t have a sharp turn at the first can it was more a genital turn. Powered on to can 2 and back into the beach. Run up the beach passing TA Cheer squad and run into Transition. Off with the wet suit on with the sunglass and helmet and  grabbed the bike and off we went. Got to the mount line and jumped on. The TT felt great not fast but felt good. There was a bit of a head wind heading out but in the aero position felt fine. Two laps seem to fly by you can see me here coming back to transition after finishing both laps.

Lap 2 of the Bike done Transiton time

Re-racked my bike on with socks and shoes and off for a 5km run. The start was ok, but just after the first water station the path transitions to grass then back to path. There was a dip in the grass area and I rolled my left ankle I kept on going and it hurt but once on the path it seemed ok. I managed to catch 3 other TA people on my run and made it back over the finish line in 1hr 19m 26s.

Then the team watched all the presentations where we collected 9 places on the podium. Great day for Tri Alliance. Later this afternoon some of the TA Crew meet up at th Beach Hotel which we all had a few cold drinks.

At the finishing line

The photo’s are not the best but I guess I had my game face one. I will post more as they come online.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gatorade Tri Series Race 4 - Melbourne Tri (Sandringham) Race Report

Well another Tri done and dusted. I made call to do the Sprint and not the full Olympic Distance today. The weekend has been huge, it started with TA Taj being setup on Friday. Saturday we did a light training session and I had to come back to collect my race kit as I had to use a different one as I was not doing the OD. After collecting my kit I did a walk through Transition looking for my rack space. When I could not find it I spoke with Supersprint who told me to use the late entries rack.

Friday Setup

This morning after showing up at the Sandringham  and found that I left my swim goggles in the car, trip back to the car (oh well note to self pack Tri bag the night before not the morning of)

As I didn’t need to get an early start in racking the bike in transition I left the bike in front he team tent and headed down to watch the Active Feet TA Crew take off after watching them start and come out of the swim exit I headed back grab the bike and transition bag and headed into transition and get ready. On the way back up and bumped into Swanny (I guy I work with) we wished each other luck.

After setting the bike up and making my way back to the team tent it was time to wettie up and head down for a practice swim. Darren (one of the coaches) and I head down warm up swim, on the way down we saw a few of the TA crewing doing the OD.

On the way down we saw Sarah who took the following pic.

Heading off for a warm up swim

Daz and I jumped in the water and it was clear and warm. Before you know it was race time. Again we watched a few of the TA Crew in the previous waves take off. Before I knew it was my time, me and some 50 of my newest best friends. Horn sounded and way we went, lots of people everywhere. I didn’t push but tried to find some clear water and work my way towards the turn CAN, as I got near the CAN I found that the bay was starting to get more of a swell, mainly as the North wind started to pickup turn was ok and headed for the 2nd CAN again no issues I did notice I came up on the back of previous waves turned and headed for the beach was being pushed a little with the swell but again ok. Got to the beach and kicked hard and then the 800m run to transition, that’s one thing I hate about Sandringham is the 800m run with a 30m rise of it.  

Got to Transition ripped the wettie off, sunnies and helmet on grabbed the bike and headed out.

On the road I noticed the North wind would make it slow going. Got to the first turn around and headed south. Marg (Another TA team mate) and I traded places on the bike course until the 2nd turn and Marg took off. Need to get some practice in head winds. As I got close to transition I took my feet out of the shoes and dismounted like a pro. Ran in with cheers from the support TA Crew who did a great job today, dropped the bike back on with socks and shoes and out for the run, back into head winds but home would be a tail wind.

On the bike

The run was hard at first, sore quad area on the right just above the knee but I pushed on into the wind, 1km became 2km then the turn around and time to head for home. Ollie (Head coach) passed me on the way back home I made it to Sandy footy ground and TA crew cheering and over the line.

Out for a run

TA Team Crew Support

1hr 31m 35s – no bad. Looking at the rankings my swam was 6th fastest, got be happy with that – must be all the swim training I’m doing.

Then a little time out at the Team tent before the presentations.

TA Team @ the Presentions

Next weekend is off to Geelong to be a part of the support crew and then the following week we are back at Elwood.