Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ride for Home Event Report

This is the second time I have done this event and this year saw me try and beat the time I set last year. This year I changed a few things, swapped from my road bike to the my TT bike, used my race wheels, got myself a Chronosuit and Aero Helmet. Yeap I was going to give this a serious hit out this year.

The weather was the only bit that was of some concern a storm was due, checking the weather when I got up rain had come through and second band would miss the course, great should be fine.

I arrived at the start line and we watched the rest of the teams take off, then it was our turn. I rolled up with some 60 other riders given then off we went, lots hit the gas earlier for a quick start, me I started off slow and built and built up speed. I started to pass people I was almost at the front, some 10-15 rides.

Me at the start line

The TT was quick, I felt good and I pushed, the Garmin data showed so the first half of the event was an average of 44.5km per hour with a top speed of 54km. You know you’re having a good day that when you’re in top gear and you’re out of gears and still have more in me to give.

Low level flying

At the half way point I checked the Garmin and I was 52mins in, yeap at this speed sub 2 hours was possible, but then the weather changed rain and cross winds. Nothing worse than riding a TT with an aero helmet with cross windows. Knowing what plans laid ahead for my summer season I backed the pace off. No need to have a big crash and kill off a race season. As wind let up and I would push, but the whole ride back was with cross winds but that’s life.

I finished the event I controlled what I could control and didn’t let what I couldn’t control (the weather) stress me out. I didn’t go sub 2 hours, but I finished without a trashed bike or a broken me.

Ride almost over