Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 1 Report

This saw the first race of the Gatorade / Active Feet Triathlon Series. Yesterday saw our normal Saturday morning session at Elwood moved to St Kilda (home of race 1). The coaches run us through the course, a light bike/run/swim session followed by setup of Tri-Alliance tents and area. Our team tent was right on the finish line which meant heaps of cheering over the line come race day. The session was a little wet, but warm. I felt ready, oh btw: I had stepped up from Active Feet to full Gatorade Series. Around lunchtime I headed back to St Kilda to pickup my Series race kit and bumped into all the TA team mates from the mornings session. Did a quick walk through and headed home for a bit of R&R. I did have to head back to MSAC for a swim session later that day. Coach Ryan said he wouldn’t be pushing us too hard.

During morning session and rest of the day there was light rain. Approx 12 mm over night at 5am this morning (Sunday) Super Sprint call off the swim and replaced it with a run. I arrived at the transition area got myself numbered, dropped into the TA tent to say hi then kept going and put my bike into the transition area and setup my bike, etc. Felt a little strange with leaving the shoes on and not thinking about the wetsuit, etc, then back over to the TA tent drop the bag off and start catching up with team mates. Few of us went off to see the Active Feet start approx 20 odd of TA team mates were in this event and we supported all of them. After the last wave we went and watched the Active Feet Transition and then head back to the TA tent.

Cheering on the Active Feet TA Teams mates

With my wave time starting around 8:40am I had a long wait. I kept warm until approx 8:20am then started to warm up, short runs, stretching then at headed down to the start. Few of the TA team mates all kept together and started together with our wave group starts. The run the plan was not to go out hard for run 1 but do approx 80% the run felt good and strong, coaches and teams cheered me on as I came into T1 and dropped the shoes off, on with the helmet grabbed the bike and head out. Mistake time – mounted before the line, only about ½ meter before the line.

As we headed up towards Port Melbourne I slipped into my bike shoes and started to pedal then hit the head wind and felt so slow until we got to the turn around and then speed all the way down to Ormond point then back toward transition hearing the cow bell from TA members past by transition area and then the second lap. The head only really came in along just past transition area, basically lap 2 was just a repeat of lap 1. As I came along by the St Kilda sea baths I started to slip out of the bike shoes and did the professional dismount before the line with some of the coaches supporting us into T2 . Racked the bike, off with the helmet on with the socks and shoes grabbed my visor and run out of transition my legs felt heavy but ok as I head out on the run course Stan on the coaches was hand out water and cheered me on. The run was un-eventful but not fast. Out on the run course lots of TA people all gave thumbs up and taps on the back for support. As I came back up towards St Kilda baths I pushed hard for the finish came back into Transition and up to the finishing line with heaps of TA support! My time 1hr 21m 12s

I walked off the run got some fluids into me and went back to the TA team tent stretched and cool down and cheered more team mates over the line. TA do a really good job of supporting the team, heaps of support on the course and they had a BBQ going so I grabbed some food and chatted with other team mates and coaches.

After grabbed my bike and returning to the team tent we all went and watched the awards, where one of the coaches (Sarah) finished 1st.

How do I rate the race – great got a time to beat now! I did miss the swim and I’m in a great team!

More photos of the event soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hanover ConnectEast Ride for Home 2011

Sunday morning saw me complete Hanover ConnectEast Ride for Home. It’s the first time I have done this event and I got say I had fun.

Riding up and down Eastlink with our traffic, the road is more or less flat and smooth. It’s was an early start as the ride started at 7am which meant I had to be up at 4:45am to have breakfast, change, etc then an hour drive to the start line.

At the start line we watched a team time trails take off then it was the Individual’s turn. To Seaford and back including the 2 tunnels 75km of speed.

When the horn sounded off we went in our wave group. The pace was fast with something like of an average of 40km/p down to Seaford. At the turn around we hit some head wind. Nothing major but enough to slow you down. The return trip was slower at 33km/p, the killers where the 2 tunnels. Going in was ok but at the bottom then there was the climb out of the tunnel out the other side then turn around and repeat. The legs where screaming after two climbs back to back. I’m not sure what the elevation was as the GPS did not work too well in the tunnels. I felt strong through the whole trip.

Completed the 75km ride 2h 12m 46s


Here are some pics from the event.

Off we go

Out of the tunnels
Finish line in sight

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Noosa bound

This morning saw USM Events open entires to Noosa Multi Sports Event. So I signed up, yep i'm up for my first olympic distance tri. OMG longest distance yet.

During my PT session tonight my thoughts were that my PT, Myotherapist, Physio and Tri Alliance coaches all have work for the next 12 months.

Bring on Noosa 2012.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a week of training.

This week saw me complete some 3.2km in the pool, and 17km of running and two good session with the PT & Myotherapist. Then another big weekend of training over. Saturday our group training at Elwood saw us start with a 45min long run followed by a Run Bike Run work then an open water swim then backed up with a long ride on Sunday.
Not trying to ring my own bell, but I kicked butt! The long run felt strong no Plantar issues no calf issues just a quick run with an average of 5.26km/h over 8km. Next we moved from some Run Bike Run (2 run throughs) again it felt great. Next on with the wetsuits quick swim out to the reef pole and back in then some water entry / exit work and then another swim.

This morning saw us back it up with a group ride from Elwood to Port Melbourne then down to Frankston and back a part of the head wind and the bugs it was a perfect ride, the group split up over the distance coming back but was well worth it. On the ride to Frankston I was talking with Emma (one of the coaches) she said I looked strong yesterday and keeping a good pace today.

Next weekend see me at group training on Saturday and Hanover 75km cycle event along Eastlink. Then the following weekend the first Tri race! – I can’t wait.

Everything is coming together at the right time of the year.