Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a week of training.

This week saw me complete some 3.2km in the pool, and 17km of running and two good session with the PT & Myotherapist. Then another big weekend of training over. Saturday our group training at Elwood saw us start with a 45min long run followed by a Run Bike Run work then an open water swim then backed up with a long ride on Sunday.
Not trying to ring my own bell, but I kicked butt! The long run felt strong no Plantar issues no calf issues just a quick run with an average of 5.26km/h over 8km. Next we moved from some Run Bike Run (2 run throughs) again it felt great. Next on with the wetsuits quick swim out to the reef pole and back in then some water entry / exit work and then another swim.

This morning saw us back it up with a group ride from Elwood to Port Melbourne then down to Frankston and back a part of the head wind and the bugs it was a perfect ride, the group split up over the distance coming back but was well worth it. On the ride to Frankston I was talking with Emma (one of the coaches) she said I looked strong yesterday and keeping a good pace today.

Next weekend see me at group training on Saturday and Hanover 75km cycle event along Eastlink. Then the following weekend the first Tri race! – I can’t wait.

Everything is coming together at the right time of the year.

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