Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Australia Day Swim 2012 Report

This morning saw me take part in the Great Australia Day Swim at the Brighton Baths. The conditions were more or less perfect not too hot, not too sunny, not too windy.  After parking and walking down to the registration area  on the lawn in front of the Brighton Baths collect my bag of stuff, timing belt, swim cap and got marked, I noticed a few TA people and we started to hang out in front of the registration area chatting away in the true TA team spirit.  We heard that the 5km swim was won by a 13 year old in 1 hour and 2 mins. (very quick) In the group there was 2 that have done Ironman’s and they completed the Ironman swim in some 3.8km in around 1 hour 8mins and 1 hour 16 mins. So that was a very, very quick swim.

As my wave event was 11:10am  we started to change into our Wetsuits, drop our bags off and get a warm up swim in. Ryan (another TA team member) and I swam out to near the marina  docking area. The water was clear and warm. When we got further out we noticed a bit more of swell nothing too bad. We both felt good and headed back in the beach.

Ryan and I headed out along the pier to the marshalling area and waited to enter the water as required. After the first wave went off and 2nd wave was called I jumped in (I was in the 3rd wave) did another little swim caught up with another 3 TA guys in my group until we called up made our way over to the line. We wish each other good luck waited for the horn to sound and we headed off. It was the same old washing machine start with bodies everywhere. Finding space to get a good rhythm was hard, but after getting past the first can I expected to do a right turn, but the course was more curved then square but as we moved along the breakwater towards the end of the breakwater the swell which was on our left side was now on my tail and pushed us all along.

Got to the final can just past the breakwater we turned in towards the beach and then started to go past the opening of the marina we then turned right again and headed along the inside of the marina  then back into the beach. Once inside the marina I pushed hard to pass other swimmers. As we came into the beach my Tri training kicked in with a few dolphin dives and run up the beach to the line.

My Garmin said 25m 30s  but official time was 25m 31s.

After pulling the wetsuit down to my waste and saying g-day to another swimmer (Peter) from my gym a friend of my Ellie had come to watch and say g-day.

I loved every minute of it and want to another swim again soon. Perfect way to spend Australia Day. 

TA Team ready to swim

Gatorade Triathlon Race 3 - Pics

Out on the bike with my race wheels

Out of transition and starting the run

At the finishing line

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gatorade Triathlon Race 3 - Brighton Weekend Race Report

Well what a week. New Year and the first Tri of the year, new gear and a PB.

Friday after work on the way home I was passing Green Point and saw Coach Ollie and Sarah along with Emma putting up the TA Taj Tents. I stop and offered my help, little did I know that a facebook call for help had been put out. A few more TA people rocked up and we had the tents up in no time.

Team Tent going up.

Saturday was going to a big day,  Brighton first up a formularization of the course, ride to Black Rock and back, run 1km out 1km back then a open water swim. Also gave me a chance to test the new Garmin 910XT. All went well until the swim, I grabbed the first pair of goggles only to find out in the bay they leaked. Saturday there was a bit of a swell and trying to fix them was not going work oh well some Polo practice. After getting out of the water and checking them out they were basically stuffed. After the
session we all headed up to Brighton Baths for a feed.

Garmin 910xt

Later that day I then headed down MSAC for SWIM STROKE CORRECTION (INTERMEDIATE). I did Ryan's program last year and got great improvements out of the program so when this came along I signed up. Ryan basically smashed us, my shoulders were so sore when I went to bed. One of the final jobs of the day was to put the race wheels on the bike.

Sunday morning race day! Got out of bed at 5am, bit of breakfast, shower, grab the transition bag, bike, etc and head off to the race. When I got to Brighton and unpacked the car and headed down to TA Taj where I had forgotten my sunglasses, so a trip back to the car, Not a big one I must still be in holiday mode.

Went to transition put the bike in, setup, etc. then drop my bag back at the Taj. We had a newbie (first race) so I went with her to transition and helped her setup everything.

After that I had a few mins to chat and then get ready for the first full Tri of the season. One of the coaches did say does anyone know what do in a triathlon?

On with the wettie, I took both the full and sleeveless I ended up using the full wetsuit.

On the way down along the beach we saw Coach Sarah come out of the water and run up to transition I managed to get a practice swim in with 5mins to spare before my wave race start. I went up to David (aka Santa at the last race) and said "Thanks to Santa for the better weather" David had a good laugh about it. It was race time, game face, I have had some horrid starts in the swim which freaked me out and others no issues. This one was good little chopper going out - not bad, got the first marker and then it was much better  going across, our wave caught up with a few of the slower swimmers from the previous waves this gave me a really boast my open water skills are paying off. Came out of the water in 11mins. I was happy with that, then the run into transition and out on the bike. First mistake, just didn't get the mount right, not a big one but was in front of the team tent. Lots didn't get it right which suggest we might be doing some transition practice. The bike was a little slow going south due to the easterly wind, but come back was fast. I completed two laps in 37min 10 secs prefect dismount and into transition. Race wheels worked perfectly. on the socks and shoes and out for a run. Down to Sandringham footy ground and back, after I turned around I saw coach Sarah doing a cool down run at 3km marker I looked at my watch and saw that I was on track for sub 1hr 20min finish. My goal for sprint races this year. I finished the race strong and felt pretty good overall.

My watch time was 1hr 18m 8s official time some 4s a new PB for this distance for me. Could be that we swam, could be the race wheels on the bike, could be the training, could of been hell week that Tri Club put on, could be the engine, could be all the above.

Out of the Water trying to get the Wettie unzipped

Heading to the finish line and a PB

Gear Report

Race Wheels - great feels fast and times seem to say so.
Garmin 910XT - Same as 310XT but lighter and slimmer. The Swim functions (both Pool and Open Water Swimming) make the watch worth the $$$$

Next Race? Great Australia Day Swim at Brighton Baths on funny enough Australia Day.

More pics of Race 3 to come.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Toy – Garmin 910XT

My Garmin 910XT

Today arrived my Garmin 910XT which is long overdue but I got to say the thanks to Rob and guys @ Highly Tuned Athletes. Not only as soon as read about it from DC Rainmaker they had it available for pre-order but when Garmin delayed it they kept is informed. Also they had a early demo unit so Rob held an information night and a hands.

Rob tells me that Australia is one of the first countries to get the 910XT and I’m of the very first to get theirs. One happy dude here.
I can tell you that if you are after a Garmin 910XT it will take you a while to get one but they are coming. Rob tells me normal stock should be around about March/April this year.

I’ll start the test tomorrow and report back.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Bike Porn

During the week arrived my Xmas present to myself,  Race Wheels! While they are not Zipp or some highend name they are Planet-X, 52mm . These wheels cost around $600AUS delivered from the UK to Australia. Right in my price range and by the time you add Tubes, Tyres and Cassette let's say you get change from $900. I took them for a test ride and they felt quick but there was a strong side wind which added a lot more skill needed to control the bike. Ie. Wheels where like a big sail. The photo's below are from my road bike, but the wheels also go on the TT bike as well.

Here are some pics

Race Wheels arrived!

Wheels assembled ready for a test ride

Race wheels on the Giant Road bike. Look the colors match!

Out on a test ride - at Tour de Cafe.

Next week sees the first race of the year. We are all hoping for a swim.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What I never thought I'd know 12 months ago:

2. You will plan your weekends around your swim, bike and run
3. You will spend your wages on new gear (see item 4), race entries, training camps and pain and suffering instead of going out, food and alcohol
4. Warning, it is extremely addictive, hence the impulse spending on wetsuits, bikes, running shoes, aero bars, aero helmets, speed suits, power meters, GPS heart-rate monitors and many other ‘gotta have items.
5. You will hate swimming more than you like it for the first year
6. A quick release does not need to be fully removed to access the tyre
7. You will learn new words such as A-race, brick and double-knick
8. You will set your alarm starting with the number 4 - all because you want to fit in a session in before work
9. You will eventually get a flat tire... and have to change it all by yourself.
10. You can ride in the freezing cold and survive the headwind of the year - it just makes you stronger and those less than ideal race conditions seem relatively easy!
11. It will take you a full 12 months, but you will finally find swimming meditative
12. No matter how much you don't want to, when your Coachs tells you to take a gel to get you home, you will take a gel to get you home
13. You will be passed and dropped on the bike many times - but it doesn't matter unless you make it matter
14. You will never be the fastest runner, but as soon as you stop competing with others, you can compete with yourself.......and more often than not, you will win!
15. You will suffer set backs.
16. You may experience an injury.
17. You will wear tight clothing.
18. You will not like how this tight clothing fits or looks.
19. Your age will take on a whole new meaning.
20. You will discover a whole new meaning for tan lines.
21. Food will become an extremely important part of your life.
22. You will learn new words such as GU, cadence and brick.
23, You will learn patience.
24. You will be humbled.
25. You will learn the meaning of and love nothing more than a post-training cafe and breakfast or LLD or BLD
26. You will start using acronyms!
27. You will look forward to your swim sessions - Thanks Coach Ryan
28. Some old friends will drift away and your tri-friends will become like family
29. You will find happiness in the simple camaraderie that is a tri-squad
30. You will voluntarily take part in "Hell Week"
31. You will never know many flats you can get in a 2 days during hell week
32. You will find that no matter where you finish in the race someone from the tri-squad is cheering you on. - Thanks guys it helps
33. You will find 9:30pm is a late night

This sport called Triathlon, becomes a part of you. You start to plan your entire year around sprint, international, half-iron or full-iron distance races. Your vacations become racing, and you start to realize that this sport called triathlon could become a life-long adventure.

Many people settle for things in life. They settle for a crappy job, marriage, friends, food, place to live and overall fitness and health.