Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Toy – Garmin 910XT

My Garmin 910XT

Today arrived my Garmin 910XT which is long overdue but I got to say the thanks to Rob and guys @ Highly Tuned Athletes. Not only as soon as read about it from DC Rainmaker they had it available for pre-order but when Garmin delayed it they kept is informed. Also they had a early demo unit so Rob held an information night and a hands.

Rob tells me that Australia is one of the first countries to get the 910XT and I’m of the very first to get theirs. One happy dude here.
I can tell you that if you are after a Garmin 910XT it will take you a while to get one but they are coming. Rob tells me normal stock should be around about March/April this year.

I’ll start the test tomorrow and report back.

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