Monday, January 27, 2014

Portsea Swim Class and Great Australia Day Swim Race Reports

Last weekend saw me race for the first time since I broke my toe some 3 and bit weeks ago. The week and had been long with next to no swim training due to Ellie having to have her appendix out and me having to help her out. Saturday morning saw us head down the coast to Portsea. Ellie needed a day out away from home away from bed just some fresh air and the same time give me an event to complete.

On the drive day we noticed the swell and the wave at the top end of the bay had white caps and around 1-2m in size, but knowing the wind was blowing South West and Portsea was South West the water should be claim, an off shore wind as it’s called. Once we got to Portsea parked picked up our rego bags, (Ellie handed back her timing belt) we checked out the bay conditions perfect flat as. We headed back to the car and waited out time before I had to get on my wetsuit and head over to the buses to head down. Around 9:40 I changed into my wetsuit pulled up around my waste and headed over to the tables where we caught up with other Tri Alliance Team members racing along with G (Gareth) who I work with. Soon we headed over to the buses for the short trip down to the race start. At the race start waiting for a wave starts and allowed for time for a warm up swim beforehand. The water was clear and a little cooler than further up the bay.

Once called up I headed down with the rest in our wave group. As we lined up ready to start I stood at the back of the group. My plan was to let everyone run in and I’d walk in before aware of my toe. A Life Guard asked if I was ok and I explained to him about letting everyone  go and I’d take my time due to my broken toe. The horn sounded and off we went. It was a good 50m walk in before I could start swimming but I caught up the back markers pretty quick and turned the turning buoy and headed south down the bay. I could feel the tide going out at this point and use the pull to help me down the bay. At the finish buoy before heading in I was little way out and I started to head in by the time I hit the beach I had passed the finishing shoot along with many others I had to almost swim back up the bay. I stood up and sort of run in over the line.

My final time was 18m 49s

The next day saw me down at Brighton Baths for the Great Australia Day Swim. This time the start would be in deep water, Ellie and I got down to Brighton Baths and I collect my race kit and caught up with John another TA team member and we walked out on the pier to check out conditions.  It was perfect just like a swimming pool. could not be more happier with the conditions. Ellie found a great spot by the finish got out her camping chair and setup camp. It was not too long before a few more TA team members rocked up and we all chatted away before our race start. While chatting away it was nice to see some old faces, Katie from the run group, Ryan from the TriVic and many other old friends. About 20mins before the start we all started to put on our wetsuits and think about heading up the pier to for a warm up swim. Kate never had used a wetsuit before so I gave her some tips on how to put on a wetsuit. We all headed up the pier to the swim start area jumped in and lined up ready for our wave starts. As John and I were in the same wave start we hung out together before proceeding over to the start and waited for the horn to sound. Once it did it was on a washing machine of arms and legs true madness of people and bodies. After the first buoy the pack started to spread out and everything found their own clear water. The course is very simple you start outside the breakwater swim around the breakwater come back in via the marina and into the beach. I felt strong and good as I came into the beach, I stood up and run over the line.

My final time was 28m 25s

TA Crew at Brighton Baths

Kate and I ready to go

I had no real guide to what I wanted to do I just wanted to finish these events as pre for Geelong only a few weeks away now.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Broke it

Yesterday was one of my A Race’s and I didn’t race.

What the fuck your saying

Let’s go back 1 week, Monday night I just got home from work, running around the house in bare feet and by complete accident I caught my little toe on the side of the TV cabinet. Sharp pain so I did what I’ve done before walked it out thinking I just stubbed my toe. When I looked down at it my toe it didn’t look right. Off to the Emergency room, 3 x-ray pictures later, yeap it’s broken. Great. I went through the 5 stages of an Athlete’s Grief within about 5 mins

DENIAL – I can still race.

ANGER – Why me, what did I do.

LAUGHTER – Joke about

BARGAINING/DEPRESSION – If I do X then I’ll get to Y sooner

ACCEPTANCE – Take it for what it is. At this point I used the Fish saying

F              Fuck
I               It
S              Shit
H             Happens

Few Mins after breaking my toe

X-Ray Confirms it

Then the doc call me in numbed the toe, straighten it, tape it up and send me on my way. I need to keep weight off for 4-6 weeks, so there goes this weekend’s races  and then Geelong is only 32 days away or 4 weeks.

What can I do? Well I can swim, in a week or so ride again, running well ask me in 5 weeks times, but I did come up with a few ideas. Water Running, running in a pool, boring as bat shit. Or how about Zero G running, you  run on a treadmill, but your feet never touch the deck.

I found one place nearby where I’m going to give it a go.