Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ride for Home Event Report

This is the second time I have done this event and this year saw me try and beat the time I set last year. This year I changed a few things, swapped from my road bike to the my TT bike, used my race wheels, got myself a Chronosuit and Aero Helmet. Yeap I was going to give this a serious hit out this year.

The weather was the only bit that was of some concern a storm was due, checking the weather when I got up rain had come through and second band would miss the course, great should be fine.

I arrived at the start line and we watched the rest of the teams take off, then it was our turn. I rolled up with some 60 other riders given then off we went, lots hit the gas earlier for a quick start, me I started off slow and built and built up speed. I started to pass people I was almost at the front, some 10-15 rides.

Me at the start line

The TT was quick, I felt good and I pushed, the Garmin data showed so the first half of the event was an average of 44.5km per hour with a top speed of 54km. You know you’re having a good day that when you’re in top gear and you’re out of gears and still have more in me to give.

Low level flying

At the half way point I checked the Garmin and I was 52mins in, yeap at this speed sub 2 hours was possible, but then the weather changed rain and cross winds. Nothing worse than riding a TT with an aero helmet with cross windows. Knowing what plans laid ahead for my summer season I backed the pace off. No need to have a big crash and kill off a race season. As wind let up and I would push, but the whole ride back was with cross winds but that’s life.

I finished the event I controlled what I could control and didn’t let what I couldn’t control (the weather) stress me out. I didn’t go sub 2 hours, but I finished without a trashed bike or a broken me.

Ride almost over

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Noosa Race Report

 After returning from paradise with to Melbourne today it was time to reflect on the week that was.

Last Wednesday morning saw heap of us ahead up to Sunshine Coast from Melbourne. After making my way to the Airport and checking in my bags I headed down through security to the gate. There were some 9 other TA team members on the same flight. The trip up while a little bumpy leaving Melbourne was fairly normal no major issues. When we arrived at the Sunshine Airport we waited for our bags to come off the flight. Steve and I had our bags but not our bikes the Airport staff soon opened a door and off load heaps of bike boxes. We learnt that the Virgin flight had 18 bikes on it. The sister flight (Jetset) which had the coaches and heap more of TA crew onboard had 45 bikes according to our bus driver.

Bags Packed and Heading to the Airport

It was around 30mins up from the Airport to Noosa. Both Steve and I were staying at the Outrigger which is set right in the middle of the National Park and some 18 months old, my apartment was 5 star. Full kitchen, double shower, laundry, and it’s own private balcony looking out some bush land. In addition lap pool, gym, normal pool. The down side is it’s a little walk (5-10mins) to Hastings St with a big hill but after a few trips I don’t notice it.

View from my Room

The complex

The views of Noosa during the walk down to Hastings St.

My first thought was to unpack the bike and ensure there were no surprises. Got the bike up and running then Steve called and asked what my plans were which he too had his bike running so we thought best to get some CO2 air cartridges and some food.

Bike unpacked Ready to Roll

We walked down to the main street found information centre who pointed us at towards the closest bike shop. So some 20 mins later of walking we have the shop got some CO2 and then found a little place called Gaston for a late lunch.

The program that we were given by the coaches called for an afternoon swim in the cannel where we would be racing on Sunday. The water was warm, salty as and not very clear.

Around 30 of us did the swim for the first time and the water felt great. That night we needed up at the Life Saving Club for a feed.

The next morning was ride the bike course for the first time. We meet as a group near the star finish and headed out of town to Garmin hill. Which we grouped and then headed up the hill then regrouped a second time before heading out to the turn around. The ride at this point was fairly ok, but along the highway while riding down on the tri bars a bus came past and blow me around a little nothing bad but enough to sit up while on this section of the highway. After regrouping we headed back into town and down the back side of Garmin hill which we were told to sit up and keep the speed down. Once we made it back into town we all meet up at the start / finish before going for coffee and breakie.

Getting Ready to ride the bike course

Heading up Garmin Hill

I took the down time to make my way to the local supermarket for some supplies this involved a little bit of a walk again but it was nice to be out in the warmth of the sun. Once back at the hotel a little down time before the after noon’s run session nice and easy.  45 min run down along the river it felt ok.

Friday our programmed call for the morning off but a few of us rode bike course for a second time just for fun. It was nice to try the course again before race day and that after called for another swim of the course followed by a race briefing. During the day a call went out to help setup the team tents. I also took the time to visit the expo and collect my race kit. I got a free Giant Bike T-Shirt but managed not to spend other cent.

Once back at the start finish Ollie our head coach gave his briefing broken down into sections. Swim, Bike, Run and transition. I asked a question re dropping tyre pressure over night, I had heard about after checking the bike in that tyres explode, he confirmed this is the case.

Saturday called for the typical TA training morning, Ride, Run and Swim. The ride was over the run course so we could see it for the first time, run was around 2km and I managed to keep it at a 5:02 pace I knew that would not be the case on race day.

The swim was small but gave me a chance to try out my new speed suit after the swim I made a call not to use it on race day.  After the session I headed back to the hotel to prep the bike for the race.  Two old Queensland friends were up for the race so I meet them for lunch we had a good old chat about the race, triathlons and life in general.

Team Photo both Vic & Qld teams

Listening to the morning's program

Little Run

Swim and testing the new Speedsuit.

After lunch I headed back to the hotel grabbed my bike and headed down to transition. I racked my bike next to another TA person and just looked and transition and how large it was. Some 6000 people competing there was just a sea of bikes.

Transition Area - Some 8500 Bikes

Transition Area - Bikes, bikes and more bikes.

Thats one big transition area
 I spent the night at the hotel and pasta dinner and an early night I slept fairly well but when I woke at 4:30am I checked the radar and you could see a rain band moving over our way, Looked like it was going to be wet race. I held off long as possible going down to transition but with a close of 6am and my race not starting until 8:43am I didn’t want my gear getting too wet. I got down to transition around 5:30 checked the bike pumped up the tyres run checks over the bike, etc. That’s when I saw my team mate who had his bike racked next time mine. So we run through a checklist of things to do and once we were happy and asked by the officials we felt transition. With the wave start so late I came back to the Hotel had breakie chilled out before heading down to the team tent waiting for my race start. As the time came closer I head over to race start caught up with other TA people about to start we chatted a little. Before too long race time! 

All other races I have down have always been from the beach never a deep water start. This was ok so off we went the swim was good no issues at all I got back to transition in around 33min run out with my bike and off we went. I got around about 1km from the bike mount when I finally got my feet in the shoes and down on the tri bars, I found my pace and started to build. I got to Garmin hill up the hill and out on the highway to the turn around. Back to town it felt good as I came back into town I heard the cheers this race was going off. I dismounted before the around about then run into transition with my bike. I racked my bike drank some water then put on my race belt, shoes and visor and headed out on the run. The run was not the greatest for the first 2km or so, the sun had come out and it was starting to heat up. This saw me looking for water from every aid station for garden hose for the whole 10kms. My right foot started to blister in a place it never has before, at the first of the aid stations I stop and got some vasalne for my foot but the damage was done, nothing I could do but push on. At the final turn as I ahead towards the finish line I passed the team tent with cheers and another 300m or so over the finish line. I could feel tears build up the emotion of the event was unreal. I walked though the showers into the post race area grabbed some drinks and some food. I saw a few TA guys in the cannel cooling off so I joined them and we chatted about the race. I had just completed my first OD and Noosa with-in 3 hours.  I picked up my bike then headed back to the team tent for my bag then back to the Hotel. I placed my bike on the balcony grabbed a beer from the fridge walked into the shower with the beer, with my T-shirt, Tri suit still on had a long shower and drunk the beer. After my shower I put on my recovery tights and spent the afternoon napping, drinking beers sending a few txt messages and watching V8 Supercars on TV.

Swim over and done with

Bike leg almost over

At the finishing line

Feet up, beer in hand (ok close by)

That evening saw our teams after race party, what an event pace to swap stories have a laugh a few more drinks. One of the things I thought was great was for the first time Noosa people to come forward. To have some 160 people clapping for you was great.

Sunday night in Noosa after the race - Town was going off

TA After Race Party - Noosa First Timers

I managed to thank for coaches in Noosa for their support.

The next morning when I woke up nothing sore except for the site of the blister.  After a laze sleep in and some food, I took the bike out to the top of garmin hill just to roll the legs over for a lazy 30km ride. Followed by a lazy lunch and afternoon open water swim.

What an experience and I've already signed up for my next OD in Geelong next Feb and Noosa next year.

The Official Race time 2:58:59 happy with that for my first OD and Noosa event.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Belated Melbourne Marathon Report and Noosa thoughts

As I sit here in Noosa getting ready for the Triathlon this weekend I thought I would type a race report for the Melbourne Marathon.

The Melbourne Marathon was always going to be a B race and a good lead in to Noosa.

The morning was chilly but would warm up quickly so T-Shirt, Shorts and light arm warmers where called for. With over 30,000 people racing my running buddy Ellie and I headed in early and found a park around the Tan on Anderson Street hill. Approx 15mins walk to the start line. So we headed off on the way a quick bath room break along the Yarra, I always hate queuing for the Portaloo’s  let along the smell.

We got to the start line did a warm up and stretch and waited to go.  I looked at the course map the night before but I must say it didn’t give a good layout of the course just the start and the finish any with this in mind I became a sheep, just follow everyone else.

As we started it was the typical walk for a bit before you could get really running once I held a pace that I felt good about and let the rest “run off” I’ve always had a problem of running out too quickly then paying for it. Over the last few runs I’ve been better that fixing that mainly due to Mr Garmin.

We headed up from Rod Laver Arena towards Flinders Street and down to St Kilda Rd and around the Arts Centre back under St Kilda road up around the Tan back to St Kilda up to Fed Square and out the walk way to the MGC. Down and loop around and up along Bunton Avenue to the  turn around then back to the MGC and then on to do an almost lap of the MGC to the finish.  As I came around towards the finish I heard from the grand stands someone yell out “Go Simon”, later on I found it was Narelle one of the TA team mates waiting for Hubby to finish the full Marathon.

The race was solid not super fast, I was happy with my time of 56:48.

8km heading toward the MCG

On the MCG near the finish line

The next week saw me come down with a head cold so I took the week off and the following week did a little ride with the group on the TT with a run off the bike which was the not the greatest as I was still a bit sick. So kept it simple and didn’t over do it for the week. Last weekend saw the last full hit out. A few of us headed sound to Safety Beach for a Ride/Run/Swim training session, Ride was to Portsea and back followed by a run off the bike then a Open Water Swim. The session felt great the water was cold but once going was good to get an open water swim in.
Safety Beach Training Camp

Bike Turn around at Portsea Race Bike ready to go to Noosa

"The Players" post open water swim

TT was  packed up the bike into it’s case ready for the trip up north. So I passed bike packing 101.

So yesterday we got to the Airport bags checked in, bike checked in and the plane with 9 other TA crew for up to the Sunshine coast.  When we arrived and while waiting for the bags to come off the JetStar flight came in with another bunch of the TA crew. Our bus driver said that in the Virgin flight there were some 18 bikes and we know another 45 on the Jetstar flight. So it’s going to be a big weekend.

Once I arrived my first thing was to check out the bike I didn’t want any surprises. The bike had arrived in one bit no damage, so the bike was re-assembled. I had officially now passed Bike flight 101 and Bike re-assembly 101. Thanks to Coach Emma for some tips.

Bike back together in one bit

Coach Sarah had sent out a training program for us. Yesterday was swam the swim course (non-wettie) and it felt great water was not cold, but you could not see too much, but I felt good in the water.

Today’s plan is for a ride over the course and this afternoon a run. The ride was great the course is interesting but the ride felt good. I feeling good about the weekend I have only two goals for this weekend. 1 to finish and 2, to have a good time. So far the trip is a blast the place I’m staying in, The Outrigger Noosa, has been built right in the middle of the National Park with great views.

Bags Packed and waiting to head to the Airport

View from my room

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Knox Duathlon

Today I raced out at Knoxfield at the Knox Duathlon put on by KnoxTri Club.

As I said in my previous blog my Mojo had taken a little break, today was both a mentoring as well as getting my game face on for Noosa. Friend of mine is interested in Mutli-Sport events. Good spot to start is a Duathlon, so we both signed up in the mini. Well 5 months off mutli-sport events, so yesterday I unpack the Transition Bag, my Tri-suit and found my race belt.

So the alarm went off at 5am this morning out of bed, breakfast, shower, etc. then I started my normal race day program, stretching, foam rollering, etc. On with the Trisuit and a t-shirt in the Tri Alliance colors. As far as I knew I was the only TA person racing. Loaded the car up and headed off to pick up Ellie and then had out to Knox. We arrived early but there were a heap of people ready to race. Ellie and I were talking about how to jump on/off the bike Tri style. As we were earlier the car park was quite I show her how, but suggested this being her first race not to try the Tri style mount/dismount until she had did some practice. We grabbed our gear and headed off to registration, after picking up race number, timing belt, etc we headed for transition. As we are entering in transition I saw Sheridan, another TA member, who was doing her Technical Officer roll today. We headed into transition found a nice sport to setup our bikes and gear.

Once everything was right we headed to race start, listened to the briefing, then a little light run. Time to turn on Mr Garmin to Mutli-Sport mode and race. The horn sounded and off we went for a little 2km race, now I was racing with 2 blisters on my heals from some new shoes. I did have bandaids on but still sore as, the run was good, not too much pain, the first run felt hard but the times showed it was sub 5kms. I was happy with that, enter into transition off with the shoes on with the helmet, graded the bike and headed out. Run over the mount line, did the Tri Style mount and off I went, nice fast pace. The Knox bike course has lots of turns but did manage a good speed, came back to the mount/dismount line off I got and run back into transition re-racked the bike off with the helmet on with the run shoes and off we went for the last run. 

The run was not quick as the first run but still good I finished the 1st and only duathlon of the year in 36m 39s.

Over all happy with the race.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Wikipedia states Mojo is magical charm bag used in hoodoo, which has transmuted into a slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal.

Well my Mojo has been on holidays for some time now, but it’s back and it’s feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Where did it go ? Well after doing the Half Marathon in July  I took it easy to allow the body to recover and I think it also took a longer rest than my body needed. Don’t get me wrong a Half Marathon is not easy it’s hard lots of training on the race does take it out of you too. This certain showed in the 10km Sandy Half event in August, while the time was ok four training runs certainly was not enough. I have been training, swimming, riding, gym and little running certainly feeling strong. On one recent training ride in Kew my back felt a little funny so I went for an alignment check with Dian Parry at Hampton St Osteo. Good news my alignment is 100% ok but my left QL is tight which is related to not enough movement in mid back. I was little concerned about Noosa and if I could complete the event, but Dian said that with some new exercises it shouldn’t be an issue. Well two weeks on my back feels good and my Mojo is back from holidays.

Noosa has been paid for, new bike is coming this week, I’ve signed up for a Duathlon this weekend and Noosa is back on track. Life is good.

Have you ever lost your Mojo?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Team Meeting

There is always something special about Team Meetings. To me it great to catch up with people and the coaches outside the normal training circles. They are also a dangerous place as they always seem to have special offers on new stuff.
Tuesday night was no exception Ollie and Sarah in the last few days before packing up and heading over to Vegas and then to Kona for World Championship and then the big one for Ollie Kona! Ollie works very hard behind the scenes to bring us the members some great stuff.
He had the new Giant 2013 bike range on display and some great deals. Needless to say some of us purchased new bikes.

Trinity 2013 TT Bike at Tri Alliance Meeting

Direction from Giant's Website

Anyone want a Fuji Aloha 2.0 ’09 – low Km’s one season of racing.

I want to thank Ollie, Tri Alliance, Giant Bikes and Bicycles Inc for putting this deal together.

In other news I’ve started my build for Noosa along with signing up for the Hazelwood Triathlon at the end of September as a lead up race to Noosa.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sandy Half (10km) Race Report

This third time I’ve run this race. My lead up to this race was not the greatest to be honest I’ve only run 4 or 5 times since completing the Run Melbourne, Half Marathon in July, I have been working on bike and gym work instead.

This morning was not a cold morning but it was overcast and there was a wind blowing around 10km from North / West perfect conditions for running. After parking the car I saw an old friend Steph. I yelled out a big hi then I did my warm up run from the car to the start line followed by some stretching  then lined up ready to start. Once the race started I headed off down Beach road towards Sandringham my pace was fast an strong I felt good. At the turn around I noticed a bit of a head wind as we headed back towards Brighton.

On the way back I saw a few Tri Alliance gals & guys out on their Half Marathon, waves and thumbs up were the order of business.

As I came past the Start/Finish line we needed to head up towards Dendy street and turn around again to head towards the finish line. I crossed the line in 54m 08s

Not bad with next to no training.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My First Triathlon

A few days ago a friend of mine (Shannon Roberts) placed a tweet up on Twitter . “Competing in a running & triathlon event is both terrifying and exhilarating. And therefore, addictive. #run #triathlon” which I replied with “I remember finishing my first tri. Totally exhausted on the grass and 5 mins later wanting to do it all again right now”, she retweeted the comment.

I spent the day thinking about my life as a Tri-athlete/athlete and how I got here. Story goes back to 2009. The company I work for put on a in-house training program for staff on Time Management the instructor was an American lady a cross between Dolly Parton and Lucy Ball. She was a very funny lady and got us all thinking not only about Time Management in the work place but in my private life’s too. She said you need to set a goal and aim for that set a timeline and stick to it.

My story goes back earlier than that, my back had been playing up for some time. I could not stand up for more than 5 minutes without massive lower back pain. One of the girls I work with put me onto an Osteo and after she started to correct my back she suggest I lose some weight and build my core. With a gym only 50m away from work I joined the gym, got a personal trainer or three, stopped drinking over 2 liters of coke a day and eating crappy fatty food. For the record I didn’t stop day one I changed my habits over the course of 3-6 months. I got fit, I ran, did weights, swam, spin class and I lost some 15+ kg of weight. My back felt better and I saw the changes for the better my only regret is that I didn’t start this process earlier on in life.

After the Time Management training day I started to think about Triathlons. I’d seen a few on tv so what better to do is to go see one up close and personal. Xosize had a race on a Brighton so I went along on race day and watched and took notes on the whole event, I loved the idea of the challenge. So I started to train for a Triathlon, I ran, swam and did more spin class didn’t have a bike yet and had not rode in years. So I got myself a Mountain Bike and started to ride the tracks around home, found out how to change the tyres from mountain bike tyres to road tyres, ok hybrid tyres. Next on my list was a Trisuit and Wetsuit started to swim in the bay, all this would do for the my first Triathlon.

I felt ready so I signed up for my first Tri  the Xoszie race at Sandringham I remember it well. I went down on the Saturday collected my race kit, walked through the transition area made sure I felt ok. Xosize put on a training session at Brighton Baths which I went too for some open water swim training, I remember it was hot as we all could feel the heat in our wetsuits and couldn’t wait to hit the water.

The following day was race day. I race and I ran that 800m run from the beach up the hill to transition, may be Sandringham was not the best race to start doing Tri’s with. I rode, I ran. I completed my first Tri! I remember getting over the line sitting on the grass and my girl friend at the time said “You did! And how did I feel?” I replied “stuffed”, but after 5mins I want to go again, right now! no waiting, no delay I wanted to race again.

I was addicted to this new thing called Triathlons!  After completing my first Tri I got a road bike and completed the last race of the session better than the previous race. The following session I signed up for 5 races Xosize races and then 3 with Active Feet. I had a mixed session mainly my open water swims were not great but still loved the sport getting better and learning new skills all the time.

The last year I started to get serious about my training and joined Tri Alliance, with Tri Alliance I’ve completed a full season of Sprint Tri’s, signed up for Noosa and complete a Level 1 Triathlon Coach course.

Running Event, Road Race or Triathlon are all a race against the clock for the individual it’s exhilarating and addictive sports, like a drug and once you hooked it’s not something you can let go. To anyone who is reading this blog and is not a part of a Tri Club, Run Group or some group fitness find one join in. All I can say is I have meet some really good people who are keen to share your goals and help you reach them

Just want to thank Sharon for tweet  and getting me thinking back over the last few years.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Run Melbourne 2012 Race Report

This story goes back months ago when I set a goal to complete my first Half Marathon. It came after some training session with my running Buddies, Sue, Ellie and Andrew. I presented this idea to my PT (Alana) who commented that soon? So after a email / calls to Start to Finish I up’d my entry 10km to Half Marathon and trained my ass off. During my training I slowly started to add Km’s from my 12-14km base to 15km, 16, 18km, 19km and then 22km in one hit. This drew some comments from Coach Sarah about me peaking too early, but I dropped the Km’s back down to the Tri Alliance group Half program and rebuild.

The last 4 weeks are busy at work being end of financial year, coach training and some crappy work weeks lead me to question myself if I was ready last week. I had been keeping up my training, I was feeling I wasn’t, was this just nerves? Not sure hey I committed this goal and second of complete it in sub 2hrs sux it up and get one with it.

Last weekend I completed 2 x 80km rides on the bike and on the Monday started the final week of Half Marathon prep and taper the week called for 5km on Monday, 8km on Thursday  and 5km run yesterday. So Monday I did 5km, and my legs hurt all the way – oh no! between the work crap and bad weather I didn’t get my 8km run in until Friday, ok last run before the Half. So Saturday saw me with a 20min walk and the Treadmill and hour long stretch session at my gym. Little off plan but ok roll with it.

Saturday night saw be with a big bowl of Spagbowl and a beer, prefect way to carbo load before a race. Followed by a event Tour de France PAR-TAY at The Bike Lab put on my Tri Alliance. Here I was keeping out of trouble drinking water. Part of the night was a sweepstakes for rides, so I purchased 5 rides for $20.  Shortly after the live telecast started I headed home for bed. I had to be up at 4:45, feed, showered, changed and pick Ellie up at 6am for a 7am race start.

I slept fairly well woke up once or twice heard the wind blowing I rolled over and went back to sleep. The alarm sound, race day OMG felt good. I had some breakfast, showered, check the weather did some stretching and foam rolled my back and glutes, got changed and out the door. I picked Ellie up and we headed into the race.

After parking and pick toilet stop we walked up to the race line. I bumped into a few TA people said our hi’s and good luck, then Ellie and did a bit of warm up, good jog and a stretch. During our Stretches I saw one of the guys I work with and his girl friend. She was completing her first Half too, again wished extra other good luck. Ellie and I lined up and waited for our wave to start, Ellie asked me how I felt, I replied Shit is real now! As we moved up to the start line we saw Linda (TA Team mate) she took this photo of both of us.

Ellie and I at the start of the race

The horn sounded and off we went all I had to do was to hit the target of 5:30 pace per KM to reach the second goal. I felt good from the start I worked my way through all the traffic we headed up around the Tan then down Domain road back to St Kilda road then up Toorak Rd and finding our way back to Domain Rd, I passed another TA Team mate (Eleesha) we basically played tag most of the race, then head up Anderson Hill  and back around the tan before heading back towards Anderson Hill and crossing the Yarra and down towards Swan Street bridge and around Rod Laver Stadium and crossing the foot bridge by the MCG and then heading up to Federation square along Flinders st.  There was a water station I slowed down to grab and drink, OMG half way there! We headed back down St Kilda Road for the second loop, as headed up Anderson Hill I saw Eleesha she had cramped up I asked on the way through if she was OK, she was so I kept going. As we headed down along the tan there was Shearden (Another TA team mate) who give me a big wave. At this point I was hurting I felt my I wanted to vomit my feet started to hurt, blisters for sure. I pushed hard when I felt good, pulled back when I didn’t (again part of the plan) the final hill hurt at the top I picked up speed and headed for the finish at the final turn there was Lisa  (Another TA team mate) we ran to the finish line crossed it. I had just done my first half, in 1 Hour 54min and 50 seconds. I was wrapped no major soreness except for my feet. We headed through the showbag area and head back towards the car. On the way out we caught up a few TA team mates so who raced and some who didn’t, swapping stories and thanking people. After the quick car park change we headed down to The Bike Lab for coffee and debrief of the race.

While reading Facebook at The Bike Lab on the ye-old Iphone what do I find? I won the  Single Speed  bike from last night’s Tour Sweepstake. Crappy week = really good weekend.

After getting home and having a shower I planned recovery session with my couch which I spent the rest of the day there in compression on recovering from the race.

There is a long list of people to thank. First to Ellie my running buddy – thank you, to Alana, Kim, Sue, Andrew, Ollie, Sarah, Emma, Tony and the rest of the TA coaches thank you for your support during training/run technique sessions. To Lidia, Shearden, Lisa and the rest of TA support out on the course thank you for support. To my follow TA team mates who completed the event your waves, smiles, thumbs kept me going - thank you and well done in your events. A special thanks to Eleesha who we both kept on passing each other during the event. To friends and other supporters thanks for your support too, sorry just too many names to list.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Triathlon Level 1 Coaching, Run Melbourne and Noosa

Last weekend saw me join some 20 others at South Yarra SportCentre at Melbourne High School in South Yarra for Triathlon Level 1 Coaching; we had a 2 day program lead by Ryan Mannix along with 6 guest presenters from Swimming, Run, Bike, Planning and Core.  The group of soon to be Coaches were from all over Victoria some came down from Shepparton and one all the Echuca. I must say the two days were well structured and full of information. I felt Ryan was a good mix of teacher, mentor, athlete and coach. The group seem to really enjoy the class room and practical stuff, nothing more boring that sitting on your ass for two days being told what to do if you can’t practice it. I always say if that if you walk away with one new item from any information, training or seminar you are will to accept new ideas and challengers. Before the course I didn’t think there was anything that I could take away from Triathlon Coaching and apply to Professional work career as an IT Network Manager but I did.

For example saying to little Johnnie, look that was well done but here are some issues/problems that are observed and explain what they are doing wrong and how they could be improved on, then back that up with good effort and well done. Now little Johnnie has been told he has done well, you then tell him where he went wrong but rebuild it back up with the praise he needs to move forward with. So not only do you now have someone who has started out well but may be doing some things wrong but you have given them the tools/comments to go away and improve on and they don’t feel that you are not supportive from their goals or dreams. 
The hard work is ahead now, I need to complete my work book, write a 90 day program and complete a practical assignment with Level 1 or Level 2 coach.  I had already spoken to Sarah one of the coaches at Tri Alliance who will guide me through the final process. The first two parts need to be completed by 1st October.

Soon to be Coaches

My prep for my first Half Marathon is well on track based on my training runs and the average pace I should meet my second goal of sub 2 hours, with the first being to complete a Half Marathon. The build has been slow well structured with rest days mixed in with cross training. I also believe the run program I did with Tony Benson put on by Tri Alliance was well worth the money. Things I have taken away from Tony’s course I have applied and I have noticed a big difference in my running. I feel I run taller, using less energy and breathing better. I’m sure this is an ongoing teaching to myself these skills as well as parting this information onto others as I become a coach.

 A friend of mine, Ellie has offered to act as my pace setter for the event. She is using Run Melbourne as training event for a Full Marathon she is completing in US later in July. While I don’t need a pacer as I have ye-old Mr Garmin it will be good for someone to keep me honest. Tri Alliance has some 45 of us running in the Half and another 20 odd in the 5km / 10km events, so it will be great to see so many TA people out and about.

Ellie asked me recently how I felt about my first Half, while the training has been somewhat boring and hard it didn’t seem to worry me. Seems a strange comment from someone about to do their first Half Marathon, well the shit got real this week when the information, race bib and timing chip arrived. I did have one of those now it’s real moments.
Run Melbourne 2012 Half Marathon Race Pack

The “A” Race while it seems far away but it’s not, saw another piece of the puzzle arrive this week. My bike box! I got Thule Bike Box, I’m happy with it but it does require a little more foam/protection inside the box. A trip up to Clark Rubber to get some more/thinker foam will fix this up quickly. In the next few weeks I will start back in either spin classes and/or wind trainer session at MSAC. While I am getting my Km’s in on the bike on the road I could do with some more + these session are always hot sweaty sessions which will help me cope with Noosa weather later in the year.

Bike Case
Until next time which will be my Run Melbourne Race Report

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I have been up too?

It’d been a while since I last blogged. So what have I been doing?  Well training hard for my first half marathon it’s now just less than 4 weeks to go until I do my first half marathon at Run Melbourne.

Also being so close to the end of financial year here in Australia work has kept me busy and trying to balance work, training, etc has been hard. In 3 weeks will see me re-focus direction when working commitments back down a little. With Noosa not that far away I need to ramp up my swimming and bike.
Swimming means I need to do at least 2 pool sessions per week, while I love the closeness of Fitness First at Bayside’s Pool it’s just a little small only 20m. By the time you real getting going you’re at the end of the lap and heading back the other way. This means more time and trips up to MSAC.

Bike I need to hit the hills more and build stretch in legs. I hear Noosa has one hell of a hill not bad but enough to make sure that I hit it right. I’ve also made some adjustments to my road bike to make it feel better. So far it seems good; the set matches my TT Bike setup. I also have a set of Tri Bars to put on the road bike which will get done in July.
Running I did test half marathon run and I completed that in 1hr 53mins at 5:40 – 6:00 min per KM, so my first half is looking good. A friend of has also offered to run as my personally pacer 1. To ensure that I finish my first half and 2. complete it in sub 2hrs. In addition I also completed a run program with Tony Benson and I have noticed changes in my running style, speed and strength.

Tri Alliance also completed it’s Time Trials for the new season and I was happy with the results. The ride was a little slower than I would have liked but the weather was wet and I didn’t want to become road kill with a crash. Swim was one of the quickest I have ever done and the run was sub 25mins for 5km.
Personal Training Alana and I have been working on my left glute, seems to be working well. Still need to sort out my QL on the left. Most of my left side seems to bad, my hearing, shoulder, glute, etc. I have been thinking about trying some different types of treatments, from Yoga to Osteo. Stay tuned to that one.

Next weekend see me off at Triathlon Coaching (Level  1). It’s two days of practical as well as class based learning I looking forward to this course. Triathlon’s has given a lot to me over the last few years and I’d like to give something back

Events come up

Confirmed events

Unconfirmed events
Salomon Trial Run
Kinglake Ride

Time  next time which will be my race report from Run Melbourne

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Looking back at 2011/2012 Tri Season

Last weekend saw Tri Alliance’s End of Season Party. Awards night so to speak of, was  a great night lots of fun laughs and some serious awards. I was nominated for Best Tri Alliance Team Player , I didn’t win but was rapped to be nominated.

It made me think about the season gone and what I achieved I am wrapped with the season.

-          Joining Tri Alliance one of the best group of people and coaches around. Everyone makes everyone welcome and training/racing fun
-          First full sprint season completed. (7 Races)
-          Completed a Duathlon (mini)
-          First time every I’ve felt total comfortable in the Open Water from Racing and Training.
-          At the start of the season I had just signed up for Noosa so I set a goal of sub 1hr 20min for a sprint. Well it took a few races (no swims for the first 2) but I got there!
-          Purchased my first TT bike I got this cheap ’09 model, worth $2k I got it for $600 (bargain)
-          Upgraded from Garmin from the 310xt to 910xt – 910 is the first true Multi-Sport Watch that does everything.
-          Helping Tri-Alliance community – Helping out with TA Taj setups, packups, support to other team mates.
-          First 1.4km open water swim

Not a bad in my books

So what’s ahead for 2012/2013 ?

-          I’m half way through completing a run technique course with Tony Benson (Runner expert) – This is put on by TA and I’ve noticed a big difference
-          Completed a week of Time Trials with TA (and got 5km below 25mins) – Wrapped with that

-          Level 1 Tri Coaching. Yes I’m going to being a Triathlon Coach.
-          Run Melbourne is my next event and it’s a Half Marathon (my first Half)
-          Complete a Trail Run which I failed to complete
-          Complete a Full Duathlon or two (practice for Noosa)
-          Sandy Half (10km)
-          Melbourne Marathon (10k)
-          Noosa  my first Olympic Tri every (and my first interstate event ever)
-          Geelong Olympic Tri
-          Few Sprint Tri’s

Some Goals and events for Season 2013/2014 (yes) I’m thinking ahead)

-          Pulling Billy Run
-          Gold Coast Half Marathon

Not much more to say other than time to get busy.

-          Tri Alliance is moving to a new location it will be known as in St Kilda