Monday, November 29, 2010

Week ahead

With just under 6 days from the last race (Tri) for me of the year. With some 32 days left of year I started thinking about next year. So far I have 3 Xosize Tri Races left and looking at the calendar for the first few months of 2011 the following events I will be doing


 With Xmas and New Year fast approaching I’m sure there will be lots of food & drink but it’s a good time to relax and regroup from a long year of work, fun, events and injury.

There are some people that need to be thanked for their work over the last 12 months who helped me achieve some long distances, new events and a few PB's and recover from injury along the way.
Alana - PT
Ben - Pyshio
Kathryn - Myotherapist
Sanjay - (Old PT)
Friends and Family and last of all
Lisa for you 110% support

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spring into Shape Race 3 & Xosize Race 1 Pics

As promised here are the pics

Spring into Shape Race 3 - Almost home.

Heading out of T1 for the Bike Leg

Getting off the Bike heading to T2

On the run leg almost at the finish line

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 12 of Rehab - Last on the Rehab posting.

No Physio today, and nothing in the for a long time (fingers crossed)  but a good solid 4km run today and it felt good. Time to start added km's. 4.5km next outing.

Got to get some swimming in this week too with some 12 days away until the next Tri I want, I need to feel stronger in the water than I did last time.

So it's time to practice, practice, practice and then some more practice.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 11 of Rehab

Today was a trip to the Physio and good news I don't have to see him again! However I need to continue to stretch and stretch some more and then work on my hips and gluts. Good news for my PT.

As for running add no more than 10% of my Km’s per week, and remember to stretch and get a good massage on my leg muscles.

On the Tri Front – time for ramp on the swimming and get it ready for the next Tri.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spring into Shape Race 3 Report

After another wet weekend in Melbourne I really thought today could be a bit of fun, but when I woke up it was race day for Spring into Shape Race 3. I checked out the weather report, radar and looked out the Window

- Rain – all stopped and none on the radar
- Temp – 14.2c
- Cloudy – Yes
- Windy – very light approx 3-5km per hour

Great conditions for running! After I got to the Alexander Gardens the first thing I noticed was it was really wet under foot. Not too bad but enough to be a bit of pain. So I got my race number and started my warm up process, remember this is my first running event for a while.

So there we all were lined up and at 8:20 off we go. The pace was fast I looked at my watch and saw I was doing 4m:20s pace and not wanting to re-injure myself I backed it off to a comfortable 5m:30s and decided to keep the pace steady.

Before I knew it was crossed the finish line, my watch recorded 22m 18s, official time was 22m 15s. That’s a 11.5km or 5m10s pace. Note to one’s self you need to re sync your watch’s foot pod.

Overall Place 116
Division Place 25
Gender Place 93

Once finished grabbed a drink, show bag, did some stretching and then headed home. I’m not sore at all, feeling good, but I do need to do some more running.

Tomorrow it’s off to the Pyshio, yep 4 weeks have gone past. I’m hoping it’s the last visit.

I’ll post some pics from both the Tri and today’s event in the new few days.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

XOSize Race 1 Race Report

This morning I did the first of the Xosize 10/11 Series

When I woke up this morning I could hear the windy outside and I thought I hope the bay would not be too rough. Lucky for me it was not.

We headed down to the course around 6am and got numbered and heading into the Transition area. After getting setup, etc. headed down to the swim start and put in a quick swim to test the waters per say.

At 7:15am the horn sound and off we went. I must say the swim was poor, not my best effort, but after not spending much time in the pool showed in my performance in the bay this morning. After hitting transition and loosing place of my of bike I got my act together and headed out on the bike. Passed heaps of bike which is good thing shows that I am strong on the bike. Heading down to Sandringham was quick mainly due to the north wind this morning, but was a little hard work on the return trip back. Hit transition again swapped the bike for runners and headed out on the run. The run felt ok not fast but ok. Got home in 46m 56s. The goal was to do sub 47min. Goal reached.

Here are the times

Overall time 46:56,4

Overall Place 160

Swim 06:20,40
T1 02:38.80
Bike 23:23,80
T2 02:26,50
Run 12:07,00

Placings M40+ 15
Gender Place 107

Will post pics when I get them.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Here it is, the day before my first full seasons of Tri’s. Am I ready? Ready as I will be. Shortly I’m heading up to transition area to pickup my race kit and do a little walk through the transition area and then it’s time to get my gear bag all sorted ready for the big day.

My Race starts tomorrow @ 7am +12mins for my wave and I am aiming for a sub 47min finish.

So by this time tomorrow the tri will be done and dusted.

Standby for the my race report.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 10 of Rehab

No trip the physio this week, but with under 6 days to the first tri I thought it might be a good idea to do a brick run. Ie. Two parts of the a Tri to remind you how you will feel. So 20 mins on a spin bike followed by a 2.2km run.

Well did I feel stuffed afterward but after some stretching and recovery feel good. The plan is to ride in the morning, back into the pool on Thursday or Friday.

Do I feel ready – well yes I do. Let’s see what Sunday brings, weather looks good.