Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spring into Shape Race 3 Report

After another wet weekend in Melbourne I really thought today could be a bit of fun, but when I woke up it was race day for Spring into Shape Race 3. I checked out the weather report, radar and looked out the Window

- Rain – all stopped and none on the radar
- Temp – 14.2c
- Cloudy – Yes
- Windy – very light approx 3-5km per hour

Great conditions for running! After I got to the Alexander Gardens the first thing I noticed was it was really wet under foot. Not too bad but enough to be a bit of pain. So I got my race number and started my warm up process, remember this is my first running event for a while.

So there we all were lined up and at 8:20 off we go. The pace was fast I looked at my watch and saw I was doing 4m:20s pace and not wanting to re-injure myself I backed it off to a comfortable 5m:30s and decided to keep the pace steady.

Before I knew it was crossed the finish line, my watch recorded 22m 18s, official time was 22m 15s. That’s a 11.5km or 5m10s pace. Note to one’s self you need to re sync your watch’s foot pod.

Overall Place 116
Division Place 25
Gender Place 93

Once finished grabbed a drink, show bag, did some stretching and then headed home. I’m not sore at all, feeling good, but I do need to do some more running.

Tomorrow it’s off to the Pyshio, yep 4 weeks have gone past. I’m hoping it’s the last visit.

I’ll post some pics from both the Tri and today’s event in the new few days.

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