Sunday, September 17, 2017

Long time between drinks errr. Blogs

It’s been a little while since I last blogged, I’m going to break these up a bit into a few blogs.

Noosa 2015

After having some issues on the run at the IM Sunshine Half I was looking for a better event at Noosa. Noosa is such a fun event I love it that’s why I keep going back. I flew in on the Wednesday and after getting to the hotel and unable to check into my room it was time to help one of my swim buddies get her bike unpacked and ready to ride. After finishing this little job I headed back to my hotel which my room was ready and I unpacked my bike and got it ready to roll. Next job on the list was a quick shopping trip for supplies for the next few days. That afternoon the crew meet up at the Noosa Lifesaving Club for dip, that year was the first time the swim was off the main beach not in the river. A few of us dedicated to swim in our wetsuits. It was bloody hot in the water with our wetties but well worth the experience. That night we regrouped for a fed at the Lifesaving Club. While we were eating and having a drink a huge thunderstorm rolled in, 2nd round of drinks were called for until storm passed. We then headed for ice creams and then off to bed. The following morning we headed out for a ride on the course, as headed out we got rained. It was very wet from the photo you can see the dirt from the road, once I got back to the hotel I took my shoes and socks off carried the bike over to the balcony and took a shower. After changing, refueling out came the baby wipes to clean the bike, newspaper to dry the shoes and wash my bike kit. That afternoon we had a little run through the National Park, I love the view long the path over looking for the rocks and the surf beaches always makes me happy. Friday saw another ride on the cards for the group my plan was to ride with a mate Michael or the group. Once Michael showed up we rode up to the top of Garmin hill and back again for Coffee. Later that morning the squad did another swim, Pam and I took it easy as we were doing one of the multisport other events the open water swim 1k.

After lunch I headed down to the expo, Tri Rego and Open Water Swim Rego. After picking up my gear I headed back to the hotel, changed and headed down for the swim. As you all know I love my open water swims and mine was the last wave to start. The first 500m felt ok, as I came out of the water around the beach M I felt good, the 2nd 500m my felt strong, as I came to the finish line headed up the beach to the finish line. As I reached the finish mat I felt a very strong pain from my ankle and it really hurt to walk on it. After getting my gear I headed back to the hotel via the 7/11 for a bag of ice. My ankle had blown up like a balloon, this was not good. Once I got back to the hotel I put some ice on the ankle, it was hurting like hell. After icing for a bit  I took a shower, put my foot up and used a compression calf guard around my ankle. The following morning my ankle was not much better, I knew the group would be doing their standard warm up. I ice the ankle again and did a little roll on the bike to see how the ankle was holding up, sadly not good. I knew my race weekend was done. I headed back to the hotel and called the local Physio and went and saw him, after he worked on the ankle, taped it, etc. He told me should be fine in the morning. I headed back to the hotel to continue icing, compressing and elevating. At 3pm I had to make a call if I was going to race or not the bike had to be in transition by 4pm after trying a short walk I knew I was on the side line supporting. Sunday morning around 12:30am the fire alarm for the hotel went off. It was in a different building I tried to go back to sleep listening to an alarm and evacuate sounding, after about 15mins the whole site got the same alarm and evacuate sounding. I dragged my ass out of bed, changed grabbed a few things then headed to the door, like most others just as I opened the door the alarm stopped back to bed. Around 2am again I was woken up by the NZ vs AUS supports for the rugby world cup. Again I tried to get back to sleep, before a 5am get up and head down to the Tri to support the team. I handed back my timing belt and headed for the team tent. I spent the day support and enjoying the event. On the Monday and Tuesday I took it easy before heading back to Melbourne on Wednesday. I make an appointment with my Physio who took one look and said good job you have torn all 3 ligaments. He told me will take about 4 weeks before I could start running again. Still ongoing issues today but I will explain more as I go. 

Wet Ride Look

How to Dry Shoes

Post OWS Race Noosa - Ankle Rolled and Hurting

Noosa Support Crew

New Bike

Mid November I heard Giant Bikes had announced their new Trinity Range I went in and saw the guys at Giant Hampton and ordered a new bike. Dave told me my new ride would be around the week before Xmas, as I went out and purchased bits like new pedals, cassettes, DI2 Ant+ Senor, seat, etc. Dave and I spoke about swapped the bar tape from white to black and swapping the bars from straight to Ski Jump Bars and Stages Power Meter. I dropped pasted to see if there was any news and when they wanted me to drop my bits off and Dave said the box had arrived and can I bring my current bike down so he could measure me and the bike up. Saturday morning after the group ride I dropped past with parts and my current ride. The following Tuesday was the first test fit with pickup on Friday. Dave called on pickup day and said they had a issue to the front end and he was waiting to hear back from the Giant basically the Tri bars were loose and unable to be tightened. Knowing the guys were getting smashed being Xmas I stopped passed the bottle shop and got then some beers and chips. The Girls and Guys eyes light up, Dave said, I didn’t need to do that but I did being Xmas and they really look after me and  then he showed me the problem. Xmas week hoping like hell I would see my new ride Dave called me and said it was all sort I headed down Tuesday and collected the new Black Machine, only thing missing the Power Meter. On Wednesday I took my new ride out with group for it’s first ride to Frankston and back, I was in love. The handle bar hoods where a good 1” lower than a road bike or my old TT bike, very aggressive feeling. On the way home Dave called and said the power meter was in so I dropped in and the bike was complete. All I had to was put on my race wheels. Over Xmas and New Year period I took the new bike for some get to know you rides. The more I road it the more I loved it. The plan was to race Challenge Melbourne and then sell off the old TT. I remove the race wheels off the old bike and remove the cassette to add the new 11 speed cassette, sadly the cassette would not fit either my race wheels or disc. Again after a chat with Dave and him looking at the hubs he said it would be quicker and easier to machine out the back of the cassettes. So I left when my wheels and cassettes.

About to Start the Fitting

View of the Cockpit

Bit Too Serious? Yes but feels good
With Race Wheels on

Picking up the ride all Completed

GTS St Kilda 2016

Sadly my wheels where not ready for my warm up race at GTS St Kilda. My ankle and running was still not 100% from Noosa, I knew the swim and the bike would be fine, but I made the call to do a run/walk or either do 1 lap or not run at all. I got a prerace  massage on the calf and ankle area. In the race the new bike felt great, but during the run I could feel my calf tighten. I made the call on the first lap not to do the 2nd lap. Bigger picture time focus on Challenge

New Bike in Transition

New Bike in Transition

Challenge Melbourne 2016

My swimming and biking was in good shape doing into Challenge but my running not so great. I knew that there would be walking in this event. Unlike last year the weather was much better than the previous 2 years. I picked up my race kit on Saturday and helped put up the team tent. I must say I was pretty disappointed with the lack of goods from the Challenge crew. A water bottle that had mould in it and Tritop that I won’t use, no cap/tshirt or event draw string bag just a plastic bag, they did say Hoody and Event bag in an email. Oh well. I lined up and the horn sounded and off we went, swimming down towards Sandringham and bag again to green point. The swim was fairly flat did have a little role to it nothing too serious I could see that I had passed some of the slower swimmers in other waves, once I got back to T1 off with the wetsuit on with the helmet and out I headed for 3 laps. Tri Buddy of mine Izzy and I play leap frog on bike course I felt really good on the bike and quick. When I got back to Brighton the big test, the run. 21km on an Ankle that was not great. As I headed down towards Sandringham I knew the run would be not great. I found that beach trails where an issue but flat concrete areas not bad but not great. The first lap not magic not great but got found walk / run worked best. On the 2nd lap coming through by Jetty Rd I came to Bayside Tri Club’s Aid Station and Jenny (follow Tech Official) said to me what can I get you. My answer was new set of legs. I finished the race not one of my better races but I finished.

I went back to my Physio and saw a Podiatrist between us all we  worked out due to my Zoot runners I had end up with Achilles Tendonitis, changed the runners and stretched things are coming good, but slowly very slowly. The Zoot which I love have no heal raise and cause my Achilles to over work due the lack of ligaments in my ankle.  So after change shoes and lots and lots of stretching things are coming good. Still not as fast as I was but getting there.

Overall time 6 Hrs 27mins 15secs

Heading South on the Bike
On the Run
Done and Dusted

Surf Coast Half Marathon 2016

Next Michelle (Girl Friend) and I signed up for a Half Marathon Trail Run, called the Surf Coast Half Marathon few weeks out of the event Michelle tweaked her back and she had to with draw, but considering had a good base I kept the training up and completed the event one of the Hardest Half Marathon’s ever.

The Time?

2Hrs 43mins 37s

The racing briefing was one of the funniest I have ever heard, it went something like this, “that is the ocean keep it left at all times, run that way (pointing down the beach) and look after each other and have fun” Short simple and to the point. Michelle followed me down the course and meet me at places. Something different and I enjoyed the different challenge. Certainly the hardest Half Marathon I have ever done, the scenery was awesome must go again event.

Running along the cliff top

Running along the Beach

Next Michelle raced Noosa per first Olympic Distance and I did swim for team, but Noosa put our relationship to the test and sadly after coming home we went our separate ways.

Over the summer I did the following Open Water Swims

Mentone 2.5km
Point Leo 2.5km
Pier to Pub
Cerberus 2.5km and 1.4km
St Kilda Mile Swim (2 mile)

Long with our Mentone Woodducks swims

GTS St Kilda 2017

Next came St Kilda Olympic which was the day after Pier to Pub, man it was a hot night and hot few days. The race was a test to see how I would go, sadly my run let me down but was like 36c with strong Northerly Winds, but 20 minutes after the event the wind turned Southerly and temperate dropped. Over all I felt good in the swim and on the bike the run just cooked me.

Swim Exit
Out on the bike

Lets do this run in the heat

Almost Home, just a few meters to go

The Times?

Swim 36 mins 55 secs
T1 3 mins 43 secs
Bike 3 hrs 11 mins 07 secs
T2 4 mins 15 secs
Run 2 hrs 35 mins 04 secs
Overall 3 Hrs 5  mins 25 secs