Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 1 of Rehab

Another week and another trip to the Physio. While trying to be positive about the injury it’s hard when I asked the Ben (Physio) how long is the recovery and being told 6 weeks. 6 weeks! OMG – I miss running and it’s only been 8 days since I ran last.

Reality check - Ok 1 week done, Race 1 of Spring into Shape – no go.

Damn! Wanted to do all 3 races this year. At least I’m walking better and I am allowed to sit on a stationary bike and roll my legs over, I can swim, I can do up body weights. That’s not too bad, just will have to wait and see what this week brings!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pics from Sandy Point Half.

Heading up towards the turn around near the Brighton Savoy

Passed half way heading for the finish line - pasing the Brighton Savoy (again)

Ah 10km's done and here is the finish

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cold Light of Day

After yesterday's Physio appointment and being told the full extent of the damage to my leg, I spent some time after going home and thinking about the whole thing I took light on how to turn this into a positive.

After not spending a lot time in the pool and Tri's not that far away it's time to improve my swimming. Time off allows the body to heal better and make me stronger and I can cross train anyway.

Plus I got the following item from Runnersworld in the email tonight  which tells you about the levels and acceptence of getting injuried,7120,s6-241-286--13616-1-1X2-3,00.html

So whats my next race ? Hummmm hoping for to do the 4km Spring into Shape 12th Sep. but will have to wait and see

Monday, August 23, 2010

Down for the count

It's offical I'm out injured, according to my Physio I have anterior compartment syndrome.

So no race this weekend! but I knew this when I woke up this morning and my leg was still sore. It seems that the gods don't want me to complete "Defence Lake Attack". Last year out with Gastro, this year ACS

What is Anterior compartment syndrome?

Anterior compartment syndromes arise when a muscle becomes too big for the sheath that surrounds it causing pain. The big muscle on the outside of the shin is called the tibialis anterior and is surrounded by a sheath. This is called the anterior compartment of the lower leg. Compartment syndromes can be acute or chronic.

Taken from

I can swim, ride a stationary  bike (no road or MTB) lots stretching and my foam roller and time with Physio. I must say I'm not happy, but it's not a serious injury. Oh well.

So my Physio, PT and I will work out a come back plan.

Next event ? I would like to say Race 1 of Spring into Shape in Sep. but time will tell.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sandy Hut Race Report

After working all day yesterday and ending up with sore back I wasn't sure if I would be running today or not.

When I woke this morning I made the call to run, back was ok, leg felt ok.

When I got to the race finish I felt a very cold north wind and I thought this could be fun. After watching the Half Marathon's and 5km's go I headed up for the 10km start.

After we started I head off way to quick but got into my pace, I felt fast, very fast. kept my pace. At the tune around I notice my time, a PB might be in order. but again the 7km mark my left leg started to play up, not too bad, so I sucked it up and kept on going by 8km and 9km my leg was starting to hurt, I powered on finished. Since then I have spent the day with a sore leg.

The bad news I had to work again today so I could not do the RICE treatment, but as I type this blog I now am following the treatment.

Probably will make an appointment for some dry needling. Do have another race in 6 days.

If you want to see the data from the GPS check it out @ Sports-tracker

Pics to follow soon

Friday, August 20, 2010

Am I ready for the Sandy Hut?

In Short NO!

After yesterday last 5km Treadmill training run, I've pulled up a little sore in the left leg.

So after having a shower this morning I slipped on some compression socks which I have being wearing all day, and at lunch time day I spent some quailty time with a foam roller @ the gym working up/down my left hand side of my body. It hurt like hell at first but more time on the roller less pain. Followed by stretching, walking in the pool and time in the steam room.

How do I fell ? better not great. So more time with the roller later today and tomorrow and hope like hell I pull up all right for Sunday. Then I have week to recover before Lake Attack Sunday week.

Let's see what Sunday brings