Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Report Card.

Well what I can say the last 6 months has been a blast, lots of up and downs.

One of the main reasons for joining a Tri-Club/Squad was to get the race craft right. I must say the coaches at Tri Alliance are great, I can't say how good they are; Emma, Sarah, Ollie, Darren, Stan, Bernadette and Ryan - Thanks Guys.

To my friends in the squad, you guys rock I enjoy every moment of training with you.

This the best my body has felt in years and I owe thanks to Alana (my PT), Kim and Ben from Recover Sports Med without you guys I think my back would break.

I completed the following events

Run Melbourne (10km)
Sandy Half (10km)
Brooks Duathlon (1st one ever and I was wearing TA colors)
Ride around the Bay
Hanover Connecteast Ride
2 Gatorade Sprint Races (These where really Duathlon's) due to rain
Completed my first Hell Week with Tri Alliance some 550km's completed.

So What's ahead in 2012

Complete the rest of the Gatorade Sprint Races (let's hope we swim)
Run Melbourne (10km)
Sandy Half (10km)
Noosa Mutli Sport Event.

Also on the radar is
Australia Day 1.4KM open water swim in Brighton
Duathlon or two over winter

What I have learnt or got better at?

How to swim better and faster (down to 1m:48s pace per 100m) - Thanks Ryan,
My Open Water Swim is much better I feel claimer and better in the water even in choppy waves
How to get on/off the bike with the shoes left on the bike.
Run at sub 5min per km pace and keep it up over 5km - 10km
Quicker on the bike
Generally feeling strong and more conferdience in all areas.

So as 2011 draws I look back at my blog at all the ups and feel that I don't need to list the downs.

Happy New Year everyone bring on 2012 and I hope all your dreams and wish come true.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Belated Elwood Race Report, New Toys, Thanks goes to, Hell Week and Xmas Ride with Stan-ta.

Sorry first up for the belated Elwood Race Report but here it is. Saturday saw the TA group run a light train session at Elwood plus a little walk through of the Transition area.

The weather was nice, the bay was flat, perfect for swimming. Bad news was the there where storms forecast for the afternoon and overnight, Sarah on of our coaches said no swim tomorrow but we hoped.. During the day the storm that was meant to come really didn't, but right on 12:30am Sunday morning a massive storm came through - woke me up! I grabbed the Iphone onto the BOM website nahhh - swim was off.

After getting up at 5am and reading Facebook, SuperSprint made the call and canceled the swim. Great another Duathlon - ok I don't mind them, but not what I signed up for.

I arrived at Elwood approx 6:30am and head over to the TA tent. Started to arrange things like number marking, changing from my Tri top to T-Shirt and then into transition.

As per normal some of the TA Girls and Guys headed over to watch the Active Feet start and support our team mates. When we got down to the start line I noticed it was super windy from the South West. After the finish of the Active Feet racers I went over to David Hansen who was dressed up as Santa and asked for a Xmas Present. Better weather for the rest of the Tri Session.

David responded with "I've ready asked we see what we can do."

With a heap of time left before we had to race some of us went to support TA Team mates on the their race. At the end we chatted with a few to find out about the course. We were told it was super windy coming back in from St Kilda, but we sort of knew that.

Start time, we all showed up and started off with a 1.4KM run then 20km bike and 5km run. Plan was to no go out hard. That was my plan but no-one else’s. The wave I was in was flying. My first KM was 4.38 pace (very quick), once we got out on the bike with a perfect mount and slipping into the bike shoes things change. I caught a few up and a few passed me. on the first lap on the bike TA team mates where there to support along with a few out on the course as marshalls. At the end of the 2nd lap I much better dismount then previous race. Into Transition change to runners and off we went. It hurt like hell, the plan was to push through the pain the run was not the best but considering the conditions I think I did alright. I took some 8 secs off, my final time 1hr 21m 04s.

Here are some of the pics from the race. Taken by Greg (one of our coaches) and Marathon Photos

Out on the road heading for the turn around

2nd Lap done, transition coming up fast

On the run home, almost there

Ahhh the finish line

New Toys.

I recently purchased a set of Race Wheels from Planet X in the UK. They are the 52mm Carbon Fiber rims and are due early Jan. Once they arrive I will need to put rim tape, tyres, tubes and cassette on. Everything is here except the wheels and in addition I also purchased an Aero drink bottle, so I guess I better put those Tri bars on.

Thanks goes to

Alana Melzer (PT)
Kimberley Marsden (Myotherapy) - Recover Sports Med
Ben Erlich (Physio) - Recover Sports Med

Team at Tri Alliance

Xmas Pressie from me to TA Coaches

Hell Week aka Melbourne Training camp.

Hell Week started many years ago by a few TA team members who were not going away at Xmas and with no planned training sessions they did a Long Ride, Run off the bike or Long Run during the day and a swim every day. Somehow this has turning into a club tradition. This week with me being on holidays on the first day I complete a 70km ride, 3km run off the bike. Day 2 the same but with a swim afterwards being total hot from the ride/run a dip without a wetsuit was called for. Day 3 6km run then a 800m swim. So far I have racked up a total of 200km+. Not bad in 3 days. Today is sort of a rest day being Xmas day but with a planned group Stan-ta ride (see below for more) I'll be back at 6am tomorrow for day 4.

Day 2 Riders

One of the jokes re: Hell Week

Xmas Ride with Stan-ta

Another club tradition a ride from Elwood to Mordy and back Xmas day with one of coaches Stan as Stan-ta. I have never laughed so hard on the bike. Ho Ho Hoing everyone from Elwood to Mordy, we had other runners, riders, cars all waving, etc. Now Stan-ta had a cookie tin taped to his tri bars and around Dendy st Brighton the tin lid came off which cause a few to jump out of the way, then shortly after the heart shaped chocolates started to appear on the road. So what does Stan-ta start doing? Grabs a hand full and start throughing them up in the air. Yes it was wet, yes there was lightning and thunder so what we got wet but all had a great time. Thanks Stan-ta.

Stan-ta and TA Xmas Ride Group

Thanks for reading and check back with the End of Year Report Card.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 1 Report

This saw the first race of the Gatorade / Active Feet Triathlon Series. Yesterday saw our normal Saturday morning session at Elwood moved to St Kilda (home of race 1). The coaches run us through the course, a light bike/run/swim session followed by setup of Tri-Alliance tents and area. Our team tent was right on the finish line which meant heaps of cheering over the line come race day. The session was a little wet, but warm. I felt ready, oh btw: I had stepped up from Active Feet to full Gatorade Series. Around lunchtime I headed back to St Kilda to pickup my Series race kit and bumped into all the TA team mates from the mornings session. Did a quick walk through and headed home for a bit of R&R. I did have to head back to MSAC for a swim session later that day. Coach Ryan said he wouldn’t be pushing us too hard.

During morning session and rest of the day there was light rain. Approx 12 mm over night at 5am this morning (Sunday) Super Sprint call off the swim and replaced it with a run. I arrived at the transition area got myself numbered, dropped into the TA tent to say hi then kept going and put my bike into the transition area and setup my bike, etc. Felt a little strange with leaving the shoes on and not thinking about the wetsuit, etc, then back over to the TA tent drop the bag off and start catching up with team mates. Few of us went off to see the Active Feet start approx 20 odd of TA team mates were in this event and we supported all of them. After the last wave we went and watched the Active Feet Transition and then head back to the TA tent.

Cheering on the Active Feet TA Teams mates

With my wave time starting around 8:40am I had a long wait. I kept warm until approx 8:20am then started to warm up, short runs, stretching then at headed down to the start. Few of the TA team mates all kept together and started together with our wave group starts. The run the plan was not to go out hard for run 1 but do approx 80% the run felt good and strong, coaches and teams cheered me on as I came into T1 and dropped the shoes off, on with the helmet grabbed the bike and head out. Mistake time – mounted before the line, only about ½ meter before the line.

As we headed up towards Port Melbourne I slipped into my bike shoes and started to pedal then hit the head wind and felt so slow until we got to the turn around and then speed all the way down to Ormond point then back toward transition hearing the cow bell from TA members past by transition area and then the second lap. The head only really came in along just past transition area, basically lap 2 was just a repeat of lap 1. As I came along by the St Kilda sea baths I started to slip out of the bike shoes and did the professional dismount before the line with some of the coaches supporting us into T2 . Racked the bike, off with the helmet on with the socks and shoes grabbed my visor and run out of transition my legs felt heavy but ok as I head out on the run course Stan on the coaches was hand out water and cheered me on. The run was un-eventful but not fast. Out on the run course lots of TA people all gave thumbs up and taps on the back for support. As I came back up towards St Kilda baths I pushed hard for the finish came back into Transition and up to the finishing line with heaps of TA support! My time 1hr 21m 12s

I walked off the run got some fluids into me and went back to the TA team tent stretched and cool down and cheered more team mates over the line. TA do a really good job of supporting the team, heaps of support on the course and they had a BBQ going so I grabbed some food and chatted with other team mates and coaches.

After grabbed my bike and returning to the team tent we all went and watched the awards, where one of the coaches (Sarah) finished 1st.

How do I rate the race – great got a time to beat now! I did miss the swim and I’m in a great team!

More photos of the event soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hanover ConnectEast Ride for Home 2011

Sunday morning saw me complete Hanover ConnectEast Ride for Home. It’s the first time I have done this event and I got say I had fun.

Riding up and down Eastlink with our traffic, the road is more or less flat and smooth. It’s was an early start as the ride started at 7am which meant I had to be up at 4:45am to have breakfast, change, etc then an hour drive to the start line.

At the start line we watched a team time trails take off then it was the Individual’s turn. To Seaford and back including the 2 tunnels 75km of speed.

When the horn sounded off we went in our wave group. The pace was fast with something like of an average of 40km/p down to Seaford. At the turn around we hit some head wind. Nothing major but enough to slow you down. The return trip was slower at 33km/p, the killers where the 2 tunnels. Going in was ok but at the bottom then there was the climb out of the tunnel out the other side then turn around and repeat. The legs where screaming after two climbs back to back. I’m not sure what the elevation was as the GPS did not work too well in the tunnels. I felt strong through the whole trip.

Completed the 75km ride 2h 12m 46s


Here are some pics from the event.

Off we go

Out of the tunnels
Finish line in sight

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Noosa bound

This morning saw USM Events open entires to Noosa Multi Sports Event. So I signed up, yep i'm up for my first olympic distance tri. OMG longest distance yet.

During my PT session tonight my thoughts were that my PT, Myotherapist, Physio and Tri Alliance coaches all have work for the next 12 months.

Bring on Noosa 2012.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a week of training.

This week saw me complete some 3.2km in the pool, and 17km of running and two good session with the PT & Myotherapist. Then another big weekend of training over. Saturday our group training at Elwood saw us start with a 45min long run followed by a Run Bike Run work then an open water swim then backed up with a long ride on Sunday.
Not trying to ring my own bell, but I kicked butt! The long run felt strong no Plantar issues no calf issues just a quick run with an average of 5.26km/h over 8km. Next we moved from some Run Bike Run (2 run throughs) again it felt great. Next on with the wetsuits quick swim out to the reef pole and back in then some water entry / exit work and then another swim.

This morning saw us back it up with a group ride from Elwood to Port Melbourne then down to Frankston and back a part of the head wind and the bugs it was a perfect ride, the group split up over the distance coming back but was well worth it. On the ride to Frankston I was talking with Emma (one of the coaches) she said I looked strong yesterday and keeping a good pace today.

Next weekend see me at group training on Saturday and Hanover 75km cycle event along Eastlink. Then the following weekend the first Tri race! – I can’t wait.

Everything is coming together at the right time of the year.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend of Tri Training

Now that Ride around the bay is over it was time to put the head down and get some Tri training in. As I type this blog entry up I realized that the first tri is 1 month away today at St Kilda. Yesterday saw me attend the Race Simulation at Elwood Beach with my Tri Group, Tri Alliance or TA as we all called it.

After a warm up run we got the bikes out and practice transition work. 3 run throughs everything felt good. Ahhhh then came the open water swim! On with the wetsuit (all repaired by 2xu – all the little holes, tears, etc gone) then thinker swim cap, grabbed the goggles and headed down the bay. It was flat and clear prefect swimming conditions, but OMG the water was cold not freezing but cold. Some people had their thermal wetsuit caps which I thought was a great idea but searching for it today I can’t find it. So we all swam out to the reef marker pole and back in, felt good in the water nice and strong. Once the group regrouped on the beach we practiced entry and exit out of water, followed by another swim out to the pole and back which I didn’t do. You’ll understand why when you keep reading. Packed up all the gear changed into warm clothing and then head off to Sail’s CafĂ© for some food with the some of the group.

After getting home warm shower I crashed for a sleep for a while and then time to head down to MSAC for the 2nd week of swim technique training. In two weeks I have noticed a difference in my swimming and not bad for $99 for 6 weeks. Last night and crashed and was in bed around 9:15pm and slept well until 5am which saw be up and at Elwood for another long ride session to Frankston and back. The plan was to do 100km but I felt trashed and did the 80km ride instead which included a trip up Oliver’s Hill and fast pace twice along station street and beach road. Came off the bike feeling wasted but good.

With swim training not on for the next 2 weeks I’ll do some Tri Race Simulations and some more Bay Swimming.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ride around the Bay Event Report

Yesterday morning saw me take part in my 2nd Ride around the Bay event. Last year I completed the 50km event this year I step up to the 100km event. Conditions were not 100% ideal, but we all saw lots of Wind, some rain with touches of Sun. Some trying conditions, or as I looked at it character building qualities.

Saturday I spent the afternoon servicing my bike during the clean/service a cool change came through and the wind turned westerly around 40km/h winds. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the wind did not claim down.

Sunday morning I got up had breakfast, got my gear all shorted, checked the weather and it was still blowing around 30-40km/h from the west. – Side winds for all the way there and back – ok I can deal with this. I packed the car and head off to the Albert Park, parked the car rode up to the start line (approx 3km ride) made my way down to the 30-35km group and waited for call up to the start line. We were all told this was a riding event not a race. At 8:05am off we went, it was a little slow going down city road until we got to Port Melbourne, 3 red lights in 3km’s, but once we got to Port Melbourne the group of the leaders I was within started to rev up the speed, averaging 35 – 40km/h. We basically fly down to Frankston being mindful of cross winds in open areas like between Mentone Hotel to Peter Sculin Reserve and again at Patternson River, where the wind wiped straight in from the bay unprotected by buildings or Tea trees.

At Frankston I took a break before heading back, noticing that the wind was more North West than West and felt a little stronger, oh well time to head back. The trip back certainly was not going to be as fast as going down. It was a hard push, between the wind and all the riders on the road. As we came back up through Brighton you could see a band of showers over the bay and just at Brighton Baths it came down in buckets. Myself and 3 other guys pulled up on the foot path under a tree and waited for the band to pass. As it was blowing hard the band of rain past within 5mins. We head off back to the finish line, but again along from Elwood through to Port Melbourne it was open and exposed so windy as, certainly everyone felt the conditions. I was only averaging around 25km/h come back When we turned off Beach rd and started to build speed again back up to 30-35km/h right into the finish line. My Garmin time for 100km – 3hr 48m. Not bad considering that I had previous done 100km in 3hr 30mins with no wind.

I felt spent, sore, my left quad was screaming. With a short walk into the park area, more fluids and some stretching I felt better. Went and got some lunch sat down for while listening to the crowds, the stories, the announcements etc while having lunch. I then collected all my stuff and rode back to the car. Once I got home I enjoyed a long hot shower and it never felt so good.

Next event ? well the Hanover in 13th November this is a 75km event down Eastlink and its timed event. Will interesting to see what times I get there.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duathlon Race 5 – Richmond Race Report

This morning saw me complete my first Duathlon along with first as a Tri Alliance team member and loved every minute.

It was a little cool in the wind but nice in the Sun, I got there early spoke with coach Sarah while getting the team tent up before heading over to registration and collect my race pack then proceeded to place stickers on the bike and helmet along with putting the timing chip around my ankle. I then proceed to rack my bike and setup my transition area. Shoes on bike – another first for me, bike on the rack seat first another first.

Caught up with Sheridan and Lidia who also where setting up their transition areas. We worked out Run Entries / Exit’s, Bike Entry and Exit then we headed back to the team tent to drop off our bags and talk about how to use our Garmins in Mutli-Sport Mode. We made a call to do a quick warm up a little run up along the course along with approx 10 other team mates until coach Sarah came along to told us to be aware that we would need to do another warm up closer to the race. We head back to hear the race briefing and take a team photo.

Team Pic

We then all headed down to the start line first off was the sprint group and approx 5mins later the Dash group (us). The horn sounded and we all took off, during the run we saw more Tri Alliance guys out on their long run. Thumbs up and cheers from everyone at the run turn around I was holding a very nice sub 5min pace back up to the cross country bit heading back to transition, holding a good pace but happy with the race so far. I hit transition area swapped the Garmin to Transition mode, off with the shoes, socks and run visor, on with the helmet and grabbed the bike out to the road over the Mount line couple of hops and jump and on the bike and away we go, Garmin to bike mode and slipped the feet into the bike shoes, another first! I powered up the hill to the turn around and back again. Powering fast and hard with a 29.9km average speed. I had to complete two laps as I came back to transition area for the 2nd time I had one foot out but didn’t get the other foot out until the very last min due to a turn into the dismount line so I didn’t get to swing the leg over correctly. Oh well there is next time. I run back into transition, Garmin to Transition mode racked the bike off with the helmet back on with socks, shoes and visor out and for the final run and changed the Garmin to run, back down the cross country trail from the first run down to the turn around and back. High fiving all the team on the trail run. Got back to finish with the team including coach Emma cheering the team over the line. My time 33m 38s as per my Garmin.

Me on the bike

The team cheered the rest of the team over the line for both races. The Team collected 5 medals for the day.

Team Winners

We are looking good for Tri Season and it was a day of firsts for me, and my Plantar Fasciitis did not play up during race in any way which I am happy about but slowly, slowly no really long runs yet.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Awhile between drinks

It’s been awhile since I last blogged but I have been very busy training, getting ready for my next competitive outings.

To keep it simple here is list of what I will cover in this entry

- My Foot Plantar Fasciitis which really onset from the Sandy Half Point
- Joining Tri Alliance
- Purchase of a TT bike
- Century Ride
- The Cycling Cerebellums
- Next events

My Foot - After running around 7km with Plantar Fasciitis I have not done a lot of running instead spending a lot of time on the bike and in the pool. This is not a bad thing, I needed to get my ass back into the pool anyway. After some 9 weeks away from the pool I have managed to get my swim times down to around 1:51min – 1:55min per 100m or around 22m per 1.2KM. These times have been tested in both 20m pool near where I work and 50m pool at MSAC (Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre) in South Melb. Back to the foot, I have found that cycle is great for those with Plantar issues as it’s a good way to stretch out the calf muscle, I seem to have less pain after cycling. In addition I found some other products to help with Plantar problems 1. Strassburg sock and 2. Arch Supports. In additional with trips to the Myotherapist who has been working on my back also has included some treatment on my calf’s including dry needling in my lower back & calf’s, along with stretching/self massaging. I’ve been keeping the running to once a week at the moment while I try and get on top of the Plantar issues. So no running events in Septemeber / October.

Tri Alliance – I joined these guys after checking out Tri Club’s in the Bayside area of Melbourne. I must say after doing a few training rides and runs along with team meeting it feels like the right choice – friendly, sportive, fun and great team morale. My main goal this year is to improve my open water swimming, hence the coaching. Thanks to Sarah who showed me how to mount/dismount the bike while leaving the shoes on the bike.

TT Bike – I got this baby cheap, a Fuji Aloha 2.0 ’09 TT bike. When I say cheap brand new at quarter of the full price. Might not be the top of line such as a Cervelo but the price was right and runs the same gear set as my Giant. I have taken it out for a little spin and needs a little more setup but I’m happy with it.


  • Sizes 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm
  • Color(s) White/Aqua Blue
  • Main frame Fuji Altair 2 alloy custom butted and aero shaped, Integrated Head Tube, Double water bottle mounts
  • Rear triangle Fuji Altair 2 alloy butted aero seat stays with shaped ride tuned chainstay, Fuji forged road dropout with replaceable derailleur hanger
  • Fork FC-770 Fuji Bonded Aero Carbon w/1 1/8" Al Steerer
  • Crankset FSA Gossamer MegaExo w/ Integrated Spindle, 34/50T Chainring
  • Bottom bracket FSA MegaExo exterior bearing system
  • Pedals Nil
  • Front derailleur Shimano Tiagra, Braze-on
  • Rear derailleur Shimano 105
  • Shifters Shimano SL-BS77, 18-speed Thumb shifter
  • Cassette Sunrace CSR94-9AQ, 11-25T 9-speed
  • Chain KMC HG-73, 9-Speed
  • Front hub Formula Alloy Road, 32H
  • Rear hub Formula Alloy Cassette Road, 9-speed, 32H
  • Spokes 14G Stainless Steel
  • Rims Jalco DRX-3000 DS 30mm Double Wall Al, 700c clincher
  • Tires Continental UltraSport, 700 x 23
  • Tubes CST presta
  • Brake set Tektro R-520 Dual Pivot w/Cartridge pads
  • Brake levers Tektro RX4.1 Tri
  • Headset Tange IS-24, 1 1/8" Integrated Road, with convex hollow alloy 25mm spacer
  • Handlebar Profile Design T2 base
  • Aero Bar Profile Design T2 Alloy Clip On
  • Stem Fuji ProLite Forged Road, 1 1/8" threadless, +/-6 Degree
  • Tape/grip Fuji custom cork wrap
  • Saddle Fuji Custom Comfort TRI
  • Seat post Fuji Superlite Carbon Micro Adjust,300mm
  • Seat clamp Allen nut
  • Other 7075 alloy water bottle bolts
  • Weight, lb./kg. 21.41 / 9.73

 Century Ride – Yesterday saw me complete my first century ride. With a group ride with Tri Alliance from North Road Brighton to Two Bay’s Road Frankston and back with addition from home to North Road and return saw a day of first. First century ride and first time to Two Bays Rd. Few in our group had never done this route before. I have previously ridden up Olivers Hill but not up Humphries Road.

The Cycling Cerebellums – A good friend from Sydney Barbara and her Friend Elissa, plus friends will cycle from Penrith to Melbourne in 2012 to raise money for The Children's Hospital at Westmead, "Commercial Travellers Ward”. I will be joining this ride for a great cause as they come into Melbourne.


Next Events – Next weekend see me do my first duathlon which I have never done before and really looking forward to. Should be a good warm up for Tri season. Then 2 weeks later it’s ride around the bay – another century ride then in November Hanover down Eastlink freeway followed by the first of seven races! Yes it's Tri of the season! So busy times ahead.

Next week I’ll post race report for the Duathlon.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Villa and Hut Sandy Half Point Race Report

Last Sunday morning as I got up it was cold but not there was no wind prefect for 10km run. I had breakfast and shower  then started to think about what to wear. Long run top and running shorts was the go. Got my Spibelt with my race number on it and made my way down to event start at Green point. This is the second time I have raced this event and this year is a new course from Green point south towards Sandringham then back to Dendy St and back to Green point where the finish was.


So per normal I started way to fast but felt good, just past the start I saw some good friends Sue and Andrew from Couple on the Run. After passing the first water station I started to feel pain in my right foot near my heal. I knew it was Plantar Fasciitis and I knew the rest of the race would be painful. I pushed on putting up with the pain I felt it more on the up hills and less on the downsides.  I made it to the turn around and started to head back towards Brighton. After passing Hampton st I changed the way I ran to see if that would help with the pain but instead felt something tear. After spending time with google it seems that it’s not too bad but I do need to take it easy this week and spend time stretching, stretching and more stretching.
I managed to see Sue and Andrew on the way back towards Brighton then pushed up hill to Dendy St around the 2nd turn around point then back towards to finish. Over the line without too much pain, but after stopping for a few mins I could feel the muscles contracting which caused some discomfort when walking.

Here are the official times

Time 54m 54s
Overall Place 533
Category Place 74

Here are some photo's from the event.

On the way towards Red Buff in pain but having fun

On the way back towards Brighton

At the finishing line

 My next event is Brooks Duathlon in October.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Run Melbourne 2011 Race Report

This is the 3rd year I have raced at Run Melbourne, the first time was a 5km in 2009 and then 10km in both 2010 and 2011.

It’s always been held in either June or July and that’s Winter time here in Australia. This year the wind was not blowing like it was last year, but you still could feel the chill in the air.

After a warm up and a stretching I lined up in the front of 50 – 55min area only to find everyone was lifting the tape and moving forward. With the event being so big I guess everyone wants to get it completed. So I joined them and lifted the tape and moving into the 45min to 50m group.

When I looked back away from the start line I saw just how many people where in the 10km event.

Here is a pic which shows you the people in the event.

Horn sounded and off we all went. As my training leading up to Run Melbourne was not great, a cold and then a back injury, etc. The plan was to finish and better last year’s time. Using my Garmin I could see my pace and keep on track. I felt strong and keep up with the 50min pace guides for the first 3 and half km’s but as we headed up towards Anderson Hill I started to slow down (note to self more hill work is needed) coming down Anderson hill I picked up speed again and by the half way mark was keep a good pace. After crossing the Yarra river and heading down to the Swan st bridge I start to cough and felt like I wanted to be sick. I slowed down a bit and kept on going as we passed Rod Laver Stadium but after cross the train line I pushed hard again but by the time we got up to Flinders St I felt sick again. Slowed down but pushed on to the finish.

I completed the 10kms in 55m 27s which is come 58 seconds quicker than last year. However time to put the head down and get on with 1. Ensuring my back is better and 2. get some training done – hills!!!

If there are any photos I will put them online.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Belated Ms Walk 2011 Race Report

Being the 2nd time that I have done the Ms Walk to support 2 friends with Ms. First is Lorrie who is a wife of my very good Friend Ian, and second Mark who died a few years ago who also had MS. Both are/were good friends and it sad for both of them to have MS but they both live/lived life to the fullest.

The morning was cold with a strong north wind but the sun was out. Which if you were out of the wind it was not too bad. After doing a warm up I lined up at the start line ready for my 10km, event two laps of Albert Park. The horn sounded and off we went, at the start I thought I was a little over dressed for the event but as I worked my way around the course the wind cooled me down quickly. The first 3km’s or so my nose was all blocked up but as I got running it cleared up. I suggest it was related to the cold weather followed by me getting warm as I run. As we all came around by the start / finish line it was time to suck it up and carry on for another lap a few had enough.

The course was not too bad dry and no really bad water or mud hazards anywhere. I came around for the second time crossed in the line. I was happy that I did not stop and addition didn’t need to use the water stations at all. My watch recorded a time of 54m 20s, but the official time was 54m 18s. As this was the warm up for Run Melbourne then the Sandy Half Point I was very happy with my efforts. Now it’s time to put some hard work in place and get ready for Run Melbourne.

Watch out for my mid-year report card

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sports Track for the Iphone - now available

Sports Tracker for the Iphone is now available and it's free!

iPhone Screenshot 2

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bike Porn and Sports Tracker for the Iphone

Some 14 months ago I purchased by first Road Bike a Giant Defy 1. Lately I have been thinking about upgrading the bike, so I have I am the proud owner of a Giant TCR Advance, again the guys at Freedom Machine in Port Melbourne helped me out – Thanks Guys!

Frame: T-700 Advanced Composite w/ TCR Geometry
Forks: T-700 Advanced Composite W/ OverDrive Alloy Steerer
Sizes: XS:43cm, S:46.5cm, M:50cm, M-L: 53.5cm, L:55.5cm, XL:58.5cm
Colour: Composite/White/Red
Front Derail: Shimano Ultegra 6700
Rear Derail: Shimano Ultegra 6700
Gear Levers: Shimano Ultegra 6700 STI Shifter 10spd
Brake Levers: Shimano Ultegra 6700 STI
Brakes: Shimano Ultegra 6700 Alloy Dual Pivot
Cranks: Shimano Ultegra 6700 39/53T Integrated
B/Bracket: Shimano BB-71 Press-Fit Cartridge
Hubs: Shimano WH-RS80 C24 16/20H Carbon/Alloy Wheelset
Rims: Shimano WH-RS80 C24 16/20H Carbon/Alloy Wheelset
Spokes: Shimano WH-RS80 C24 16/20H Carbon/Alloy Wheelset
Tyres: Michelin Pro Race III Light 700x23C
Free Wheel: Shimano Ultegra 6700 12-25T 10spd
Handlebars: Giant Contact Oversize Alloy Medium Drop
Stem: Giant Contact Oversize 4 Bolt
S/Pillar: Giant Vector Aero 3K Carbon Micro-Adjust
Saddle: Fi'zi:k Arione/ Manganese Rail
Pedals: n/a
Chain: Shimano Ultegra 6700

Here is the pic of my new toy.

I have also been selected as a Beta tester for Sports Tracker Software for the Iphone. As a user of Sports Tracker on the Nokia handsets it will be interesting to see the differences are and get the application up to speed for release. At the moment I have been sick with a head cold for the last few weeks. I'm hoping that it will clear in time for next weekends 10km Ms Walk event.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belated Mother’s Day Classic Race Report

This is the second time I have done this event and it’s been my warm up event to 10km session of running. Late Thursday night week ago after dealing with a friend emergency I noticed my throat felt a little funny. No big deal but by Friday I have sore throat and a bit of head cold. So I took it easy Saturday pre race day, early to bed, etc.

Morning of we made our way down to race still feeling poor I made up my mind to just finish the race not over do it but just finish and see what time I got.

After watching the two waves of 4km event go I lined up along with the rest of the 8km first wave people. I managed to get approx ½ meter back from the start line so I was happy. We listened to the all the pre race stuff which I try to block out and get run to go. Then the horn sounded and off we went, as we raced up to Anderson street and then down the turnaround I got swamped with other runners, as per normal I started out fast, too fast but wanted to be up the front. After the turn around came the first of the hard work, Anderson Street hill. Any Melbourne runner knows it’s a pain in the butt, up I went and around the back of the tan then down past the Shrine of Remembrance then back down along the road next to the Tan down towards the Myer Music Bowl then moving onto the Tan track past the start line and back up towards Anderson Street for the 2nd time. Feeling ok I pushed on up Anderson Street for the 2nd and last time. Going down and around for the two time felt good, as we came back down towards the Myer Music Bowl for the second time we headed left towards St Kilda and the finishing line, over the line I went. Thinking to myself it would not be a great time. Well It was and with a Head Cold!

Here are the official times

Time 41m 09s
Overall Place 1067
Category Place 696

As compared to last year which was a time of 42m 18s I have taken 1m 09s off last year..

Race Photo's if any to come, next event is Ms Walk

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Run for the Kids 2011 Race Report

This is the first time I have done Run for the Kids and I enjoyed it.

My alarm went off at 6:15am I was out of bed quick breakie and a shower. I drove in and managed to get through the roads that were closed and parked at my old favorite place Southgate. It was not too hot nor too cold or windy just a perfect day for running.

I made my way down to the start line looking for some friends (Alana and Georg) but no sign until after the races. There was just a mass of people everywhere. We moved up to the start line from the marshaling areas. The horn sounded and away we went. Due to the my position behind the start line made it hard to get going early. There was just people all over the place, people who think they are quick but aren’t. I must say this gets my goat at every event I do. The event organizers setup lines for those who know they can finish the event in X time but people just simply don’t follow the run times or they think they are better than they are. So I really spent the first km ducking traffic (people) before I could get my speed going. My first km was at 5:32 pace after that it was 5:05 – 5:08 and I managed to get in a 4:58 and managed to finish in a time of 26m 28s for 5.2km. Which I was really happy with the course was fairly flat – no big hills, etc. my biggest issue was not being able to get my speed up early basically held back by people traffic. Oh well need to get closer to the start line.

After the event had finished I ran into Alana and we managed to bump into few people who we sort of know through Fitness First plus Daniella who I know from previous 2xu / Start to Finish Run Group for the Sandy Half Point while we waited for Georg (Alana’s other half) to finish the 14.38km course. I'm thinking about doing the 14.38km next year.

Next Race – Mother’s Day Classic in early May

Race Photo's to come

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tri Season in review/grade card

  •  Swim - B ~ While my pool swimming is good my open water swimming has been poor. Part of the problem was how bad Port Phillip bay has been over summer. It been the worse I have seen for many years. Hence my open water swim training has suffered and it shows in my Tri’s. This is still without a doubt my weakest event, but I am already a better swimmer now than I was at the end of last season, so I am happy with that and I will work on to improve for next season. However this being said and done I loved the swim down at Mt Martha on Australia Day.

  • Bike – A ~ I haven't missed a workout outside any weekend except for when it was really wet, then I did a spin class instead. It shows in the results I’m quick and strong. From time to time I realize I have backed off and not riding hard as I could. Bit more focus on this instead of checking out the views around while riding. Time for some Tri bars too.

  • Run - B- ~ Like with the bike, I haven't missed a workout. That is really good and I am happy with that, considering where I was in September last year. At the end of Tri season I’m getting off the bike either not hurt or hurting and managing to put in runs without stopping or need fluids. It’s shaping up to be a great run season over winter. Already have a few races lined up.

  • Social/Family/Balance - C ~ I think this is really important because the pull of family and friends often is in conflict with training. To my family and friends I’m sorry. Long days and training does take a toll on me but it’s really rewarding when I cross that line. I will take the time to smell the roses and spend more time with you over the winter months.

  • Rest/Recovery - A- ~ I am a pretty good at taking days off as part of my schedule. A problem I have is that work often forces me to have a very non-restful day. It seems that I am on call 24/7 to work and family for this I do need to change to have a little more me time. Yes I know it’s selfish.

  • Favorite Race - They are all fun but it would have to be St Kilda and Elwood (Elwood I have had a love hate relationship with. I have had good races and bad races there.

  • Hated Race – Elwood and Sandringham, Elwood I was a coupld ov poor swims one with the water so bad you could not see past your hand. Sandringham, that bloody run from the beach to the transition area.

Someone has suggested Adventure Racing, starting to look into this. Might just give it a go.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Xosize Race 5 2011 - Brighton - Race Photos

Coming out of swim not looking happy about either

Time for a Sunday morning ride

Let's finish the morning off with a run too

Sunday, March 27, 2011

XoSize Race 5 Race Report - Final Tri for the Season

The final race of the season of Xosize/Start to Finish was my final race for the season.

Yesterday and was blowing around 25km/35km from the South-west and during my race collection / checking out the transition area the bay did not look like fun.

This morning the wind had dropped right away I found my spot and set my gear ready to race. Then the mad dash to the toilet before the queues got too long. I headed down the beach, with a race start of 7:30am + 8mins for my group so I tested the waters and it felt cold.

The horn sounded and off we went. I let the pack go and waded my way in and started towards the back of the pack. The problem about starting at the back of the pack is you run over the top of everyone. I got around the 2 buoys and headed towards the beach. Once I hit the beach the run to transition got to my bike wetsuit off, socks, shoes on, helmet and sunglasses on grabbed my bike and off out to the road.

Got to the mount line got on and road towards Dendy St . Around at the cones and back down towards transition then along Beach Rd towards Black Rock. Turned around then headed back towards Green Point. I ran back in re-racked my bike off with the bikes shoes on with the runners grabbed my visor and off I ran.

The legs felt ok the run felt slow and it showed.

Overall I finished the race the last one for the season it was not my best race but I have been battling a head cold off/on for the last few weeks.

So this completed the month of Tri’s and my first full season of Triathlons now I move to running events from here on in.

Here are the official times

Overall time 47m 05s
Overall Place 171

Swim 08:17.4
Bike 22:35.9
Run 11:41.2

Placing M40+ 20
Gender Place 122

Pictures to follow as soon as I have them and look out for the Tri season in review.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Active Feet Tri Race 6 (St Kilda) Report

The final race of the season (Active Feet Tri's) was going to be huge and it was. I knew it was going big when I first saw the site. When you see some 39 bike racks you know there are going be a lot of people in the events. I heard that 900 plus people did the Active feet race this morning and another 1500 for the Gatorade Tri.

It had rained a little around 5am a quick heavy shower which had just made everything a little wet, but not too bad like Sandringham was a few weeks ago.

Found my bike spot and set my gear ready to race. Then the mad dash to the toilet before the queues got too big. I made a quick re-check of my gear and off to drop my bag off. One thing about St Kilda the compound so big and it takes some time to get around the whole site.

After dropping my bag off I headed down the beach, with a race start of 7:30am + 20mins for my group there was a bit of time to kill. The water felt cool but not cold, the more you went in the warmer it got.

The horn sounded and off we went. I let the pack go and waded my way in and started towards the back of the pack. This helps with my swim anxiety but the problem about starting at the back of the pack is you run over the top of everyone. I Got around the 2 buoys and headed towards the beach. Once I hit the beach the run to transition is about the same length as Sandringham without the hill of Jetty Rd, remember I did say the transition area was huge. Got to my bike wetsuit off, socks, shoes on, helmet and sunglasses on grabbed my bike and off out to the road. The swim showed the fact I didn’t do any swim practice during the week. Why? I had a head cold at the start of the week and work was crazy at the backend of the week. Ah well such is life.

Got to the mount line got on and road like hell towards Kerford Road. Around at the lights and back down towards transition then along Beaconsfield Parade to Point Ormond Avenue. At the turn off to Point Ormond Avenue some riders turned to early and had to come back to complete the course. One guy nearly took me out but all pushed on made the turn around then back up Beaconsfield Parade to transition area. I ran back in re-racked my bike off with the bikes shoes on with the runners grabbed my visor and off I ran.

The legs felt heavy, sore with a 3km plus 250m out of transition, I sucked it up and pushed on the run felt slow but looking at the data from my watch afterwards it was at 11km pace with a life to 12.5km at the end. What felt bad turned out to be good. Looking forward to a strong run session ahead.

Just want to say I think that Super Sprint does a great job. I have enjoyed 3 races of theirs this season and will look at doing more next season.

So what’s next – well the month Tri’s is 3/4 done. One more race – Xosize Race 5 at Brighton next Sunday. Again this race I love.

Here are the official times

Overall time 48.11
Overall Place 250

Swim 07:54
T1 2.58
Bike 19.44
T2 1:39
Run 15.57

Placing M40+ 29
Gender Place 194

Pictures to follow as soon as I have them and look out for the Tri season in review.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Xosize Race 4 and Active Feet Race 5 Pics

Here are the Pics

Xosize Race 4

On the run heading for the finish line

Active Feet Race 5

Coming out of the water at Elwood

Out on the Bike

Heading along the beach towards race finish

At the finish line


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Active Feet Race 5 Report

After last week’s wet Tri this weekend’s weather was shaping up to be perfect. Saturday was nice day but bit windy. As I walked through the compound you could see the white caps on the waves along beach it’s been like that most of the week. I chatted with a bloke who had just been swim in the bay at Elwood he told me that the water was cleaner but still didn’t taste great.

As I went to bed last night the windy was blowing from the South East at 22km/h at the time I thought that the bay could be interesting Sunday morning.

As I got up around 5:15am to get ready for the race I checked the weather and the wind had dropped right way to nothing. I don’t sleep well the night before a race so with around 3-4 hrs of off/on again sleep I knew today would be either a long day. After checking the temp was a cool 9.8c. I had breakfast, had a shower, etc. Grabbed my stuff and headed off. When I got to the compound it was dark and a little chilly. I racked my bike setup my transition area then headed over to race marking. After I got marked with my race number I walked down to the beach to see what the bay was like at this point my feet felt frozen, basically the ground was wet and cooled. The bay looked dark but flat but as the sun had not come up it was hard to really see what the bay was like. I made my way again back into transition to ensure that my bike had not been knocked over like last week did a final check of my gear and then headed over to bag drop off and grabbed my wetsuit (full sleeve this week) after the feeling the cold in the swim. Heading down to the beach again thinking about doing a warm up swim I slipped into my wetsuit and talked to a guy who was also racing, as we spoke we noticed that tide was heading out. A few younger competitors wadded out some 50 meters into the bay and the water was just up to the top of their legs. Comments like walking on water and you can walk half of the swim were made. I managed to catch up with Kathleen who I meet at the last Tri @ Sandringham we both had goals and what we were hoping for in this Tri. My goal was Sub 55mins as this was a longer race than I had done before.

Race time came and the first wave went out again they could walk the first 50meters or so. Few more groups went and then it was my age group turn we all head off. I stayed at the back of the pack and decided to take it easy. As my face hit the water for the first time it was fresh, cold and woke me up, I thought to myself glad I have the full wetty on. My swim was much better than last weeks, I made it around the first can and then heading up to the second I kept on have to stop as I was running over the top of other people. Once I got some clear water I went for it. I made it around the second can only again to run over the top of other people again. I stopped had a look around only to see myself mid pack. I pressed on and made it back to shore (ok some 20 meters out) I walked/run the rest of the way to the sand a started to remove the wetsuit. Once I made it back to the beach and started the run into transition. Found my bike removed the rest of my wetsuit got on my socks and bike shoes put on my sunglasses and helmet grabbed my bike and headed out. As we all headed up to St Kilda I powered on and passed other competitors, made it to the turn and started to head back to transition area passing more people as I went, towards the end I backed off a bit as I had a 3km run left to do. Grabbed a drink, jumped off my bike run back into transition area re-racked my bike took off my helmet and bike shoes and out on my runners and I grabbed my running visor and headed out. I held a good place right through the 3km run and I felt strong. This means a good running season a head starting in April. I made it over the line and watch showed 49mins and 41seconds. My goal was sub 55min.
My love / hate relationship with Elwood and today was love. After collecting my bike and leaving the compound I put in another 38km ride to Patternson River and back. My personal trainer will say I need to find some new challenges. We do have a bit friendly talk going on over Run for Kids, we both are doing 5.2km in April.

Now with half of my month of Tri’s now done I have next weekend off from competing but as it’s a long weekend in Melbourne I will use my 3 day weekend to put some training in, so far the weather says Sunny and 25c for Saturday here is hoping it will be nice all weekend.

Here are the official times

Overall time 49:38.44
Overall Place 403

Swim 08:23
T1 1:58
Bike 20:44
T2 1:58
Run 16:58

Placing M40+ 29
Gender Place 194

Pictures to follow as soon as I have them

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My ABC's

A. Age: 40. Yeap been around 40 years working on 41 right now
B. Bed size: Queen - Just right the size for me and a friend
C. Chore you dislike: Taking out the rubbish vs washing
D. Dogs: Mum had two lap dogs, don't like big dogs that run/attack you.
E. Essential start to your day: Bathroom break as soon as get up don't want to make a puddle
F. Favorite color: Black or Red
G. Gold or silver: Silver
H. Height: 180cm
I. Instruments you play(ed): None
J. Job title: Network It Manager
K. Kids: 1 - Daughter - Rebecca (19)
L. Live: Bayside area of Melbourne Australia
M. Mom’s name: Jill
N. Nicknames: Simmo, Si-Si
O. Overnight hospital stays: Many all ENT Related - mainly when I was kid/young adult
P. Pet peeves: Mess and people who run late to meetings, appointments, etc You agree on a time stick to it people!
Q. Quote from a movie: So many, but the one I use a lot is "we're on a mission from God" - Blues Brothers
R. Righty or Lefty: Righty
S. Siblings: Nick (younger) – lives in Hong Kong with his wife and son
T. Time you wake up: Weekday or race day around 5:15 If not, 7. If “sleeping-in”, a whopping 8am.
U. Underwear: Most times
V. Vegetables you don’t like: Cooked small tomatoes
W. What makes you run late: Not allowing enough time to get there. Always try and get there early. (see letter P)
X. X-rays you’ve had: Few but none for broken bones (so far)
Y. Yummy food you make: BBQ Steak.
Z. Zoo animal favorites: I don’t really like the zoo person.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wet day at the office. Xosize Race 4 Race Report

After a perfect day Saturday the cloud rolled in along with some showers late in the day. The weather forecast called for a Shower or two clearing for Sunday. All I will say is it started to rain, not heavy rain but the stuff that kind of makes you feel like yuk! From 4am Sunday morning it started to rain off then on.

When I arrived at the transition area it was wet and dark. I setup my stuff in transition lucky for me I took a garbage bag to over my bike and running shoes to ensure they didn’t get wet. Dropped off my bag at the clothing drop off and headed down to the beach. Mistake #1 – I wore my sleeveless wetsuit, with a +18min start the rain and a little gentle breeze it got cold. At approx 7:18am the horn sounded and off we went, it was the typical pack start – Koas, but it claimed down and we all got on with it.

If you know Sandringham at all there is a good 500m plus run from the beach to the transition area, the run up felt good but managed to get pretty puffed out by the time I hit the transition area. (Happened last year too) Luck for me My bike was right at the end of rack so no loosing where I left my bike, however when I got to my bike I found it knocked over and my helmet and sunglasses on the grass instead of the handle bars where I left them. As I was putting on my socks and bike shoes I had issues getting my left sock on as it ripped Mistake #2 - I made the call to ditch the left sock. The right sock and shoe was on and I just had about enough of this and wanted to get out on the road. As I headed out on the road it was wet and spray was not a lot of fun. After a while I ended up putting my sunglasses in my Trisuit’s pocket and kept on going Mistake #3. I made good ground and time on the bike but taking special care not to slip over on the turns or crash out.

When I got back into Transition again I put my bike back but the bike next to me was way over blocking my gear. I had to fix up that bike plus rack my own and get my shoes off and ditching on other sock (from my right foot). I grab my run visor and headed out. Passing people and feeling strong usually my legs feel like crap after I get off the bike but not this time, they felt great not heavy or sore. I only have one comment re the run leg. After the turn around and heading back to the finish line when we hit the Hampton Life Saving Club there was choice of paths to follow some people went the wrong way. There should have been a marshal there but there was not. Made it back to the finish line in what felt like a good time only to see that it wasn’t bad but not great.

According to the BOM it’s been the wettest Summer for some time.

Here are the times

Overall time 50.07.5
Overall Place 240

Swim 12:41.2
T1 2:32.9
Bike 20:25.1
T2 1:53.3
Run 12:35.0

Placing M40+ 27
Gender Place 165

First of the Month Tri’s completed. Next week is the other course that I have had a love / hate relationship with. Elwood. with the Active Feet Tri. The last 2 times I have raced there the water has been dirty and choppy. At this stage the forecast is saying a shower or two for Saturday so here is hoping that it’s dry race Sunday.

Pictures to follow as soon as I have them

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taking it to the next level

Recently (ok December) I felt everything was coming together I feel strong, positive, committed and I have direction.

Today as I write this I am pain free after runs or bike sessions. I love the pool and put in 4.8km min per week. Open Water ok I'm a little behind on that. Here in Melbourne the bay is dirty, very dirty. It rains and then the bay is dirty. It's not safe for swimming. Lot's of metro Tri's and Open Water Swims have either been cancelled or postponed. It will be interesting to see this weekend's tri if the swim is on or off.

With 4 Melbourne Metro Tri's left I have somehow signed up for all 4. Wish me luck I'm really looking forward to it.

After March I switch to running events. Might even do a Duathlon or two.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Go the Tan Race Report

This is the second time i have done this event. I have a love / hate relationship with The Tan. I love the track but hate Anderson St hill.

The morning was overcast a nice 16c – great conditions for a running. Those who have done Go The Tan will know it’s a 1 lap time trail around The Tan. The track is a mix of tar and crushed gravel which can be fast or slow. This week in Melbourne we have had some rain but the track was pretty good. One 3 or 4 mud areas but all were able to be run around. After collecting my timing chip and race number I did some warm ups and off I went as per normal I went out fast but as I hit the rise into Anderson St hill I started to slow down and up Anderson St hill but once over I found my pace and kept on going.

Reached the line in 19m 08s

There will be no photos of this event

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brazilian Butterfly Queen of the Lake Report

Here in Melbourne late Friday we had a huge thunderstorm come through. For the 24 hour period from 9am Friday until 9am Saturday we had 140mm of rain. Most of that was in the later 12 hour period. This was the tail of Cyclone Yasi which hit Queensland earlier in the week. Gatorade Triathlon Series @ Portarlington which was in the 25th Anniversary had to cancel the swim leg of event. Start to finish publish yesterday that this morning’s event would still be on but they would be monitoring the weather and updating us if there was a change to the event.

When I got up this morning you could hear the wind blowing and checking the online weather it should it was 14c blowing from the SW @ 25km per hour. Not too bad but as Albert Park does not have a lot of protection from the wind it can be an interesting place at times. So I got ready and put on my running clothes (T-Shirt, running shorts, etc) but I also grabbed my long running jacket great if it’s windy and wet. After parking at Albert Park I noticed the wind and weather were not as bad at home or near the Beach so I left the running jacket in the car. After getting my race number and timing chip I started my warm up with some stretching and little runs mixed with some sprits. I lined up towards the front of pack I always hate being caught behind someone slower than me. Right on 8:30am off we went the pace I started out was very quick 4:50 pace but it felt ok but I knew I would be slowing it down, but too my surprise I did slow down not to a 5:30 pace but more at 5:15 pace. I got to say that event was well done considering that track was free of puddles, muddy areas we missed and where the water run off from Friday’s storm was they marked well. With the first running event of year over I was happy not only with the time but the result as well.

With this being the 3rd time I have run Brazilian Butterfly Queen of the Lake I don’t feel sore at all which is great I’m really happy with the performance, the result and the recovery. With in the next 6 days I have another event Go the Tan which I looking forward to smashing.

The training is starting to really pay off. Thanks Alana

Time 26.14.1

Overall Place 85th
Age Group Placing M40-49 8th
Gender Placing 40th

Pictures to follow (I hope this time)