Sunday, March 20, 2011

Active Feet Tri Race 6 (St Kilda) Report

The final race of the season (Active Feet Tri's) was going to be huge and it was. I knew it was going big when I first saw the site. When you see some 39 bike racks you know there are going be a lot of people in the events. I heard that 900 plus people did the Active feet race this morning and another 1500 for the Gatorade Tri.

It had rained a little around 5am a quick heavy shower which had just made everything a little wet, but not too bad like Sandringham was a few weeks ago.

Found my bike spot and set my gear ready to race. Then the mad dash to the toilet before the queues got too big. I made a quick re-check of my gear and off to drop my bag off. One thing about St Kilda the compound so big and it takes some time to get around the whole site.

After dropping my bag off I headed down the beach, with a race start of 7:30am + 20mins for my group there was a bit of time to kill. The water felt cool but not cold, the more you went in the warmer it got.

The horn sounded and off we went. I let the pack go and waded my way in and started towards the back of the pack. This helps with my swim anxiety but the problem about starting at the back of the pack is you run over the top of everyone. I Got around the 2 buoys and headed towards the beach. Once I hit the beach the run to transition is about the same length as Sandringham without the hill of Jetty Rd, remember I did say the transition area was huge. Got to my bike wetsuit off, socks, shoes on, helmet and sunglasses on grabbed my bike and off out to the road. The swim showed the fact I didn’t do any swim practice during the week. Why? I had a head cold at the start of the week and work was crazy at the backend of the week. Ah well such is life.

Got to the mount line got on and road like hell towards Kerford Road. Around at the lights and back down towards transition then along Beaconsfield Parade to Point Ormond Avenue. At the turn off to Point Ormond Avenue some riders turned to early and had to come back to complete the course. One guy nearly took me out but all pushed on made the turn around then back up Beaconsfield Parade to transition area. I ran back in re-racked my bike off with the bikes shoes on with the runners grabbed my visor and off I ran.

The legs felt heavy, sore with a 3km plus 250m out of transition, I sucked it up and pushed on the run felt slow but looking at the data from my watch afterwards it was at 11km pace with a life to 12.5km at the end. What felt bad turned out to be good. Looking forward to a strong run session ahead.

Just want to say I think that Super Sprint does a great job. I have enjoyed 3 races of theirs this season and will look at doing more next season.

So what’s next – well the month Tri’s is 3/4 done. One more race – Xosize Race 5 at Brighton next Sunday. Again this race I love.

Here are the official times

Overall time 48.11
Overall Place 250

Swim 07:54
T1 2.58
Bike 19.44
T2 1:39
Run 15.57

Placing M40+ 29
Gender Place 194

Pictures to follow as soon as I have them and look out for the Tri season in review.

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