Sunday, March 27, 2011

XoSize Race 5 Race Report - Final Tri for the Season

The final race of the season of Xosize/Start to Finish was my final race for the season.

Yesterday and was blowing around 25km/35km from the South-west and during my race collection / checking out the transition area the bay did not look like fun.

This morning the wind had dropped right away I found my spot and set my gear ready to race. Then the mad dash to the toilet before the queues got too long. I headed down the beach, with a race start of 7:30am + 8mins for my group so I tested the waters and it felt cold.

The horn sounded and off we went. I let the pack go and waded my way in and started towards the back of the pack. The problem about starting at the back of the pack is you run over the top of everyone. I got around the 2 buoys and headed towards the beach. Once I hit the beach the run to transition got to my bike wetsuit off, socks, shoes on, helmet and sunglasses on grabbed my bike and off out to the road.

Got to the mount line got on and road towards Dendy St . Around at the cones and back down towards transition then along Beach Rd towards Black Rock. Turned around then headed back towards Green Point. I ran back in re-racked my bike off with the bikes shoes on with the runners grabbed my visor and off I ran.

The legs felt ok the run felt slow and it showed.

Overall I finished the race the last one for the season it was not my best race but I have been battling a head cold off/on for the last few weeks.

So this completed the month of Tri’s and my first full season of Triathlons now I move to running events from here on in.

Here are the official times

Overall time 47m 05s
Overall Place 171

Swim 08:17.4
Bike 22:35.9
Run 11:41.2

Placing M40+ 20
Gender Place 122

Pictures to follow as soon as I have them and look out for the Tri season in review.

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