Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wet day at the office. Xosize Race 4 Race Report

After a perfect day Saturday the cloud rolled in along with some showers late in the day. The weather forecast called for a Shower or two clearing for Sunday. All I will say is it started to rain, not heavy rain but the stuff that kind of makes you feel like yuk! From 4am Sunday morning it started to rain off then on.

When I arrived at the transition area it was wet and dark. I setup my stuff in transition lucky for me I took a garbage bag to over my bike and running shoes to ensure they didn’t get wet. Dropped off my bag at the clothing drop off and headed down to the beach. Mistake #1 – I wore my sleeveless wetsuit, with a +18min start the rain and a little gentle breeze it got cold. At approx 7:18am the horn sounded and off we went, it was the typical pack start – Koas, but it claimed down and we all got on with it.

If you know Sandringham at all there is a good 500m plus run from the beach to the transition area, the run up felt good but managed to get pretty puffed out by the time I hit the transition area. (Happened last year too) Luck for me My bike was right at the end of rack so no loosing where I left my bike, however when I got to my bike I found it knocked over and my helmet and sunglasses on the grass instead of the handle bars where I left them. As I was putting on my socks and bike shoes I had issues getting my left sock on as it ripped Mistake #2 - I made the call to ditch the left sock. The right sock and shoe was on and I just had about enough of this and wanted to get out on the road. As I headed out on the road it was wet and spray was not a lot of fun. After a while I ended up putting my sunglasses in my Trisuit’s pocket and kept on going Mistake #3. I made good ground and time on the bike but taking special care not to slip over on the turns or crash out.

When I got back into Transition again I put my bike back but the bike next to me was way over blocking my gear. I had to fix up that bike plus rack my own and get my shoes off and ditching on other sock (from my right foot). I grab my run visor and headed out. Passing people and feeling strong usually my legs feel like crap after I get off the bike but not this time, they felt great not heavy or sore. I only have one comment re the run leg. After the turn around and heading back to the finish line when we hit the Hampton Life Saving Club there was choice of paths to follow some people went the wrong way. There should have been a marshal there but there was not. Made it back to the finish line in what felt like a good time only to see that it wasn’t bad but not great.

According to the BOM it’s been the wettest Summer for some time.

Here are the times

Overall time 50.07.5
Overall Place 240

Swim 12:41.2
T1 2:32.9
Bike 20:25.1
T2 1:53.3
Run 12:35.0

Placing M40+ 27
Gender Place 165

First of the Month Tri’s completed. Next week is the other course that I have had a love / hate relationship with. Elwood. with the Active Feet Tri. The last 2 times I have raced there the water has been dirty and choppy. At this stage the forecast is saying a shower or two for Saturday so here is hoping that it’s dry race Sunday.

Pictures to follow as soon as I have them

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