Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brazilian Butterfly Queen of the Lake Report

Here in Melbourne late Friday we had a huge thunderstorm come through. For the 24 hour period from 9am Friday until 9am Saturday we had 140mm of rain. Most of that was in the later 12 hour period. This was the tail of Cyclone Yasi which hit Queensland earlier in the week. Gatorade Triathlon Series @ Portarlington which was in the 25th Anniversary had to cancel the swim leg of event. Start to finish publish yesterday that this morning’s event would still be on but they would be monitoring the weather and updating us if there was a change to the event.

When I got up this morning you could hear the wind blowing and checking the online weather it should it was 14c blowing from the SW @ 25km per hour. Not too bad but as Albert Park does not have a lot of protection from the wind it can be an interesting place at times. So I got ready and put on my running clothes (T-Shirt, running shorts, etc) but I also grabbed my long running jacket great if it’s windy and wet. After parking at Albert Park I noticed the wind and weather were not as bad at home or near the Beach so I left the running jacket in the car. After getting my race number and timing chip I started my warm up with some stretching and little runs mixed with some sprits. I lined up towards the front of pack I always hate being caught behind someone slower than me. Right on 8:30am off we went the pace I started out was very quick 4:50 pace but it felt ok but I knew I would be slowing it down, but too my surprise I did slow down not to a 5:30 pace but more at 5:15 pace. I got to say that event was well done considering that track was free of puddles, muddy areas we missed and where the water run off from Friday’s storm was they marked well. With the first running event of year over I was happy not only with the time but the result as well.

With this being the 3rd time I have run Brazilian Butterfly Queen of the Lake I don’t feel sore at all which is great I’m really happy with the performance, the result and the recovery. With in the next 6 days I have another event Go the Tan which I looking forward to smashing.

The training is starting to really pay off. Thanks Alana

Time 26.14.1

Overall Place 85th
Age Group Placing M40-49 8th
Gender Placing 40th

Pictures to follow (I hope this time)

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