Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MMad Swim @ Mt Martha Life Saving Club Race Report

Last night on the way home looking at the trees and bay the wind was blowing (33km) and as I went to bed it was raining. We had 4.4mm of rain from 11pm until approx 4:30am. This morning the rain had gone and wind had stopped blowing, as I looked out my window it was overcast. I had a good breakfast, showered, etc and packed up my stuff then head off. It’s approx 1h 10min drive from home to Mt Martha.

After parking the car and grabbing my bag I checked out the bay it was dead calm, flat and almost like glass plus the water looked clean, unlike Elwood has been for the last few weeks which you would be lucky to see half meter or so.

After registering get the T-shirt, cap, numbered dropping my bag off got the wettie on and ready for the swim. Spoke with some people who were doing the same event as me and we had a chat as we all lined getting ready to start swimming. In the male event there were approx 40 of us. Approx 20 of 30 + and the rest under 21.

We head out around the first can then out to the turnaround back into the final can and back to the beach. The water was very clear and tasted ok and approx 20.7c in temperature

I was happy with the event organization, ecstatic about the conditions considering that my last 2 open water swim events has been poor in very trying conditions. With this been said and done I need to do a lot more open water swim practice.

For the record I used my Orca sleeveless wettie instead of my 2xu V1

One final thing -: In my last posting I said I would post the transition times and any pics. Well there are neither. Such is life and Happy Australia Day.

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