Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hanover ConnectEast Ride for Home 2011

Sunday morning saw me complete Hanover ConnectEast Ride for Home. It’s the first time I have done this event and I got say I had fun.

Riding up and down Eastlink with our traffic, the road is more or less flat and smooth. It’s was an early start as the ride started at 7am which meant I had to be up at 4:45am to have breakfast, change, etc then an hour drive to the start line.

At the start line we watched a team time trails take off then it was the Individual’s turn. To Seaford and back including the 2 tunnels 75km of speed.

When the horn sounded off we went in our wave group. The pace was fast with something like of an average of 40km/p down to Seaford. At the turn around we hit some head wind. Nothing major but enough to slow you down. The return trip was slower at 33km/p, the killers where the 2 tunnels. Going in was ok but at the bottom then there was the climb out of the tunnel out the other side then turn around and repeat. The legs where screaming after two climbs back to back. I’m not sure what the elevation was as the GPS did not work too well in the tunnels. I felt strong through the whole trip.

Completed the 75km ride 2h 12m 46s


Here are some pics from the event.

Off we go

Out of the tunnels
Finish line in sight

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