Monday, June 20, 2011

Belated Ms Walk 2011 Race Report

Being the 2nd time that I have done the Ms Walk to support 2 friends with Ms. First is Lorrie who is a wife of my very good Friend Ian, and second Mark who died a few years ago who also had MS. Both are/were good friends and it sad for both of them to have MS but they both live/lived life to the fullest.

The morning was cold with a strong north wind but the sun was out. Which if you were out of the wind it was not too bad. After doing a warm up I lined up at the start line ready for my 10km, event two laps of Albert Park. The horn sounded and off we went, at the start I thought I was a little over dressed for the event but as I worked my way around the course the wind cooled me down quickly. The first 3km’s or so my nose was all blocked up but as I got running it cleared up. I suggest it was related to the cold weather followed by me getting warm as I run. As we all came around by the start / finish line it was time to suck it up and carry on for another lap a few had enough.

The course was not too bad dry and no really bad water or mud hazards anywhere. I came around for the second time crossed in the line. I was happy that I did not stop and addition didn’t need to use the water stations at all. My watch recorded a time of 54m 20s, but the official time was 54m 18s. As this was the warm up for Run Melbourne then the Sandy Half Point I was very happy with my efforts. Now it’s time to put some hard work in place and get ready for Run Melbourne.

Watch out for my mid-year report card

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