Sunday, July 17, 2011

Run Melbourne 2011 Race Report

This is the 3rd year I have raced at Run Melbourne, the first time was a 5km in 2009 and then 10km in both 2010 and 2011.

It’s always been held in either June or July and that’s Winter time here in Australia. This year the wind was not blowing like it was last year, but you still could feel the chill in the air.

After a warm up and a stretching I lined up in the front of 50 – 55min area only to find everyone was lifting the tape and moving forward. With the event being so big I guess everyone wants to get it completed. So I joined them and lifted the tape and moving into the 45min to 50m group.

When I looked back away from the start line I saw just how many people where in the 10km event.

Here is a pic which shows you the people in the event.

Horn sounded and off we all went. As my training leading up to Run Melbourne was not great, a cold and then a back injury, etc. The plan was to finish and better last year’s time. Using my Garmin I could see my pace and keep on track. I felt strong and keep up with the 50min pace guides for the first 3 and half km’s but as we headed up towards Anderson Hill I started to slow down (note to self more hill work is needed) coming down Anderson hill I picked up speed again and by the half way mark was keep a good pace. After crossing the Yarra river and heading down to the Swan st bridge I start to cough and felt like I wanted to be sick. I slowed down a bit and kept on going as we passed Rod Laver Stadium but after cross the train line I pushed hard again but by the time we got up to Flinders St I felt sick again. Slowed down but pushed on to the finish.

I completed the 10kms in 55m 27s which is come 58 seconds quicker than last year. However time to put the head down and get on with 1. Ensuring my back is better and 2. get some training done – hills!!!

If there are any photos I will put them online.

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