Monday, October 17, 2011

Ride around the Bay Event Report

Yesterday morning saw me take part in my 2nd Ride around the Bay event. Last year I completed the 50km event this year I step up to the 100km event. Conditions were not 100% ideal, but we all saw lots of Wind, some rain with touches of Sun. Some trying conditions, or as I looked at it character building qualities.

Saturday I spent the afternoon servicing my bike during the clean/service a cool change came through and the wind turned westerly around 40km/h winds. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the wind did not claim down.

Sunday morning I got up had breakfast, got my gear all shorted, checked the weather and it was still blowing around 30-40km/h from the west. – Side winds for all the way there and back – ok I can deal with this. I packed the car and head off to the Albert Park, parked the car rode up to the start line (approx 3km ride) made my way down to the 30-35km group and waited for call up to the start line. We were all told this was a riding event not a race. At 8:05am off we went, it was a little slow going down city road until we got to Port Melbourne, 3 red lights in 3km’s, but once we got to Port Melbourne the group of the leaders I was within started to rev up the speed, averaging 35 – 40km/h. We basically fly down to Frankston being mindful of cross winds in open areas like between Mentone Hotel to Peter Sculin Reserve and again at Patternson River, where the wind wiped straight in from the bay unprotected by buildings or Tea trees.

At Frankston I took a break before heading back, noticing that the wind was more North West than West and felt a little stronger, oh well time to head back. The trip back certainly was not going to be as fast as going down. It was a hard push, between the wind and all the riders on the road. As we came back up through Brighton you could see a band of showers over the bay and just at Brighton Baths it came down in buckets. Myself and 3 other guys pulled up on the foot path under a tree and waited for the band to pass. As it was blowing hard the band of rain past within 5mins. We head off back to the finish line, but again along from Elwood through to Port Melbourne it was open and exposed so windy as, certainly everyone felt the conditions. I was only averaging around 25km/h come back When we turned off Beach rd and started to build speed again back up to 30-35km/h right into the finish line. My Garmin time for 100km – 3hr 48m. Not bad considering that I had previous done 100km in 3hr 30mins with no wind.

I felt spent, sore, my left quad was screaming. With a short walk into the park area, more fluids and some stretching I felt better. Went and got some lunch sat down for while listening to the crowds, the stories, the announcements etc while having lunch. I then collected all my stuff and rode back to the car. Once I got home I enjoyed a long hot shower and it never felt so good.

Next event ? well the Hanover in 13th November this is a 75km event down Eastlink and its timed event. Will interesting to see what times I get there.

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