Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend of Tri Training

Now that Ride around the bay is over it was time to put the head down and get some Tri training in. As I type this blog entry up I realized that the first tri is 1 month away today at St Kilda. Yesterday saw me attend the Race Simulation at Elwood Beach with my Tri Group, Tri Alliance or TA as we all called it.

After a warm up run we got the bikes out and practice transition work. 3 run throughs everything felt good. Ahhhh then came the open water swim! On with the wetsuit (all repaired by 2xu – all the little holes, tears, etc gone) then thinker swim cap, grabbed the goggles and headed down the bay. It was flat and clear prefect swimming conditions, but OMG the water was cold not freezing but cold. Some people had their thermal wetsuit caps which I thought was a great idea but searching for it today I can’t find it. So we all swam out to the reef marker pole and back in, felt good in the water nice and strong. Once the group regrouped on the beach we practiced entry and exit out of water, followed by another swim out to the pole and back which I didn’t do. You’ll understand why when you keep reading. Packed up all the gear changed into warm clothing and then head off to Sail’s CafĂ© for some food with the some of the group.

After getting home warm shower I crashed for a sleep for a while and then time to head down to MSAC for the 2nd week of swim technique training. In two weeks I have noticed a difference in my swimming and not bad for $99 for 6 weeks. Last night and crashed and was in bed around 9:15pm and slept well until 5am which saw be up and at Elwood for another long ride session to Frankston and back. The plan was to do 100km but I felt trashed and did the 80km ride instead which included a trip up Oliver’s Hill and fast pace twice along station street and beach road. Came off the bike feeling wasted but good.

With swim training not on for the next 2 weeks I’ll do some Tri Race Simulations and some more Bay Swimming.

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