Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belated Mother’s Day Classic Race Report

This is the second time I have done this event and it’s been my warm up event to 10km session of running. Late Thursday night week ago after dealing with a friend emergency I noticed my throat felt a little funny. No big deal but by Friday I have sore throat and a bit of head cold. So I took it easy Saturday pre race day, early to bed, etc.

Morning of we made our way down to race still feeling poor I made up my mind to just finish the race not over do it but just finish and see what time I got.

After watching the two waves of 4km event go I lined up along with the rest of the 8km first wave people. I managed to get approx ½ meter back from the start line so I was happy. We listened to the all the pre race stuff which I try to block out and get run to go. Then the horn sounded and off we went, as we raced up to Anderson street and then down the turnaround I got swamped with other runners, as per normal I started out fast, too fast but wanted to be up the front. After the turn around came the first of the hard work, Anderson Street hill. Any Melbourne runner knows it’s a pain in the butt, up I went and around the back of the tan then down past the Shrine of Remembrance then back down along the road next to the Tan down towards the Myer Music Bowl then moving onto the Tan track past the start line and back up towards Anderson Street for the 2nd time. Feeling ok I pushed on up Anderson Street for the 2nd and last time. Going down and around for the two time felt good, as we came back down towards the Myer Music Bowl for the second time we headed left towards St Kilda and the finishing line, over the line I went. Thinking to myself it would not be a great time. Well It was and with a Head Cold!

Here are the official times

Time 41m 09s
Overall Place 1067
Category Place 696

As compared to last year which was a time of 42m 18s I have taken 1m 09s off last year..

Race Photo's if any to come, next event is Ms Walk

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