Sunday, April 17, 2011

Run for the Kids 2011 Race Report

This is the first time I have done Run for the Kids and I enjoyed it.

My alarm went off at 6:15am I was out of bed quick breakie and a shower. I drove in and managed to get through the roads that were closed and parked at my old favorite place Southgate. It was not too hot nor too cold or windy just a perfect day for running.

I made my way down to the start line looking for some friends (Alana and Georg) but no sign until after the races. There was just a mass of people everywhere. We moved up to the start line from the marshaling areas. The horn sounded and away we went. Due to the my position behind the start line made it hard to get going early. There was just people all over the place, people who think they are quick but aren’t. I must say this gets my goat at every event I do. The event organizers setup lines for those who know they can finish the event in X time but people just simply don’t follow the run times or they think they are better than they are. So I really spent the first km ducking traffic (people) before I could get my speed going. My first km was at 5:32 pace after that it was 5:05 – 5:08 and I managed to get in a 4:58 and managed to finish in a time of 26m 28s for 5.2km. Which I was really happy with the course was fairly flat – no big hills, etc. my biggest issue was not being able to get my speed up early basically held back by people traffic. Oh well need to get closer to the start line.

After the event had finished I ran into Alana and we managed to bump into few people who we sort of know through Fitness First plus Daniella who I know from previous 2xu / Start to Finish Run Group for the Sandy Half Point while we waited for Georg (Alana’s other half) to finish the 14.38km course. I'm thinking about doing the 14.38km next year.

Next Race – Mother’s Day Classic in early May

Race Photo's to come

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