Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tri Season in review/grade card

  •  Swim - B ~ While my pool swimming is good my open water swimming has been poor. Part of the problem was how bad Port Phillip bay has been over summer. It been the worse I have seen for many years. Hence my open water swim training has suffered and it shows in my Tri’s. This is still without a doubt my weakest event, but I am already a better swimmer now than I was at the end of last season, so I am happy with that and I will work on to improve for next season. However this being said and done I loved the swim down at Mt Martha on Australia Day.

  • Bike – A ~ I haven't missed a workout outside any weekend except for when it was really wet, then I did a spin class instead. It shows in the results I’m quick and strong. From time to time I realize I have backed off and not riding hard as I could. Bit more focus on this instead of checking out the views around while riding. Time for some Tri bars too.

  • Run - B- ~ Like with the bike, I haven't missed a workout. That is really good and I am happy with that, considering where I was in September last year. At the end of Tri season I’m getting off the bike either not hurt or hurting and managing to put in runs without stopping or need fluids. It’s shaping up to be a great run season over winter. Already have a few races lined up.

  • Social/Family/Balance - C ~ I think this is really important because the pull of family and friends often is in conflict with training. To my family and friends I’m sorry. Long days and training does take a toll on me but it’s really rewarding when I cross that line. I will take the time to smell the roses and spend more time with you over the winter months.

  • Rest/Recovery - A- ~ I am a pretty good at taking days off as part of my schedule. A problem I have is that work often forces me to have a very non-restful day. It seems that I am on call 24/7 to work and family for this I do need to change to have a little more me time. Yes I know it’s selfish.

  • Favorite Race - They are all fun but it would have to be St Kilda and Elwood (Elwood I have had a love hate relationship with. I have had good races and bad races there.

  • Hated Race – Elwood and Sandringham, Elwood I was a coupld ov poor swims one with the water so bad you could not see past your hand. Sandringham, that bloody run from the beach to the transition area.

Someone has suggested Adventure Racing, starting to look into this. Might just give it a go.

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