Monday, November 29, 2010

Week ahead

With just under 6 days from the last race (Tri) for me of the year. With some 32 days left of year I started thinking about next year. So far I have 3 Xosize Tri Races left and looking at the calendar for the first few months of 2011 the following events I will be doing


 With Xmas and New Year fast approaching I’m sure there will be lots of food & drink but it’s a good time to relax and regroup from a long year of work, fun, events and injury.

There are some people that need to be thanked for their work over the last 12 months who helped me achieve some long distances, new events and a few PB's and recover from injury along the way.
Alana - PT
Ben - Pyshio
Kathryn - Myotherapist
Sanjay - (Old PT)
Friends and Family and last of all
Lisa for you 110% support

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