Sunday, September 23, 2012

Knox Duathlon

Today I raced out at Knoxfield at the Knox Duathlon put on by KnoxTri Club.

As I said in my previous blog my Mojo had taken a little break, today was both a mentoring as well as getting my game face on for Noosa. Friend of mine is interested in Mutli-Sport events. Good spot to start is a Duathlon, so we both signed up in the mini. Well 5 months off mutli-sport events, so yesterday I unpack the Transition Bag, my Tri-suit and found my race belt.

So the alarm went off at 5am this morning out of bed, breakfast, shower, etc. then I started my normal race day program, stretching, foam rollering, etc. On with the Trisuit and a t-shirt in the Tri Alliance colors. As far as I knew I was the only TA person racing. Loaded the car up and headed off to pick up Ellie and then had out to Knox. We arrived early but there were a heap of people ready to race. Ellie and I were talking about how to jump on/off the bike Tri style. As we were earlier the car park was quite I show her how, but suggested this being her first race not to try the Tri style mount/dismount until she had did some practice. We grabbed our gear and headed off to registration, after picking up race number, timing belt, etc we headed for transition. As we are entering in transition I saw Sheridan, another TA member, who was doing her Technical Officer roll today. We headed into transition found a nice sport to setup our bikes and gear.

Once everything was right we headed to race start, listened to the briefing, then a little light run. Time to turn on Mr Garmin to Mutli-Sport mode and race. The horn sounded and off we went for a little 2km race, now I was racing with 2 blisters on my heals from some new shoes. I did have bandaids on but still sore as, the run was good, not too much pain, the first run felt hard but the times showed it was sub 5kms. I was happy with that, enter into transition off with the shoes on with the helmet, graded the bike and headed out. Run over the mount line, did the Tri Style mount and off I went, nice fast pace. The Knox bike course has lots of turns but did manage a good speed, came back to the mount/dismount line off I got and run back into transition re-racked the bike off with the helmet on with the run shoes and off we went for the last run. 

The run was not quick as the first run but still good I finished the 1st and only duathlon of the year in 36m 39s.

Over all happy with the race.

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