Sunday, May 20, 2012

Looking back at 2011/2012 Tri Season

Last weekend saw Tri Alliance’s End of Season Party. Awards night so to speak of, was  a great night lots of fun laughs and some serious awards. I was nominated for Best Tri Alliance Team Player , I didn’t win but was rapped to be nominated.

It made me think about the season gone and what I achieved I am wrapped with the season.

-          Joining Tri Alliance one of the best group of people and coaches around. Everyone makes everyone welcome and training/racing fun
-          First full sprint season completed. (7 Races)
-          Completed a Duathlon (mini)
-          First time every I’ve felt total comfortable in the Open Water from Racing and Training.
-          At the start of the season I had just signed up for Noosa so I set a goal of sub 1hr 20min for a sprint. Well it took a few races (no swims for the first 2) but I got there!
-          Purchased my first TT bike I got this cheap ’09 model, worth $2k I got it for $600 (bargain)
-          Upgraded from Garmin from the 310xt to 910xt – 910 is the first true Multi-Sport Watch that does everything.
-          Helping Tri-Alliance community – Helping out with TA Taj setups, packups, support to other team mates.
-          First 1.4km open water swim

Not a bad in my books

So what’s ahead for 2012/2013 ?

-          I’m half way through completing a run technique course with Tony Benson (Runner expert) – This is put on by TA and I’ve noticed a big difference
-          Completed a week of Time Trials with TA (and got 5km below 25mins) – Wrapped with that

-          Level 1 Tri Coaching. Yes I’m going to being a Triathlon Coach.
-          Run Melbourne is my next event and it’s a Half Marathon (my first Half)
-          Complete a Trail Run which I failed to complete
-          Complete a Full Duathlon or two (practice for Noosa)
-          Sandy Half (10km)
-          Melbourne Marathon (10k)
-          Noosa  my first Olympic Tri every (and my first interstate event ever)
-          Geelong Olympic Tri
-          Few Sprint Tri’s

Some Goals and events for Season 2013/2014 (yes) I’m thinking ahead)

-          Pulling Billy Run
-          Gold Coast Half Marathon

Not much more to say other than time to get busy.

-          Tri Alliance is moving to a new location it will be known as in St Kilda

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