Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I have been up too?

It’d been a while since I last blogged. So what have I been doing?  Well training hard for my first half marathon it’s now just less than 4 weeks to go until I do my first half marathon at Run Melbourne.

Also being so close to the end of financial year here in Australia work has kept me busy and trying to balance work, training, etc has been hard. In 3 weeks will see me re-focus direction when working commitments back down a little. With Noosa not that far away I need to ramp up my swimming and bike.
Swimming means I need to do at least 2 pool sessions per week, while I love the closeness of Fitness First at Bayside’s Pool it’s just a little small only 20m. By the time you real getting going you’re at the end of the lap and heading back the other way. This means more time and trips up to MSAC.

Bike I need to hit the hills more and build stretch in legs. I hear Noosa has one hell of a hill not bad but enough to make sure that I hit it right. I’ve also made some adjustments to my road bike to make it feel better. So far it seems good; the set matches my TT Bike setup. I also have a set of Tri Bars to put on the road bike which will get done in July.
Running I did test half marathon run and I completed that in 1hr 53mins at 5:40 – 6:00 min per KM, so my first half is looking good. A friend of has also offered to run as my personally pacer 1. To ensure that I finish my first half and 2. complete it in sub 2hrs. In addition I also completed a run program with Tony Benson and I have noticed changes in my running style, speed and strength.

Tri Alliance also completed it’s Time Trials for the new season and I was happy with the results. The ride was a little slower than I would have liked but the weather was wet and I didn’t want to become road kill with a crash. Swim was one of the quickest I have ever done and the run was sub 25mins for 5km.
Personal Training Alana and I have been working on my left glute, seems to be working well. Still need to sort out my QL on the left. Most of my left side seems to bad, my hearing, shoulder, glute, etc. I have been thinking about trying some different types of treatments, from Yoga to Osteo. Stay tuned to that one.

Next weekend see me off at Triathlon Coaching (Level  1). It’s two days of practical as well as class based learning I looking forward to this course. Triathlon’s has given a lot to me over the last few years and I’d like to give something back

Events come up

Confirmed events

Unconfirmed events
Salomon Trial Run
Kinglake Ride

Time  next time which will be my race report from Run Melbourne

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