Sunday, March 14, 2010

XOSIZE Tri Series 09/10 - Race 5 Brighton Report

My 2nd Tri completed but with my new toy and I bet my previous time, all of 5 secs but hey it's better!

I must admit the swim was the hardest part today I just didn't have fun, but out on the bike and run not a problem.

Lisa managed to see me after swim, on my bike and running! Only issue according to her is they need more coffee machines! "One and queue a mile long is just not fun"

Official Results

Activity      Split Time      Race Time      Distance     Pace     Speed

SWIM      00:08:10         00:08:10          0.30km      27:13    2.20
T1            00:02:37         00:10:47
BIKE        00:23:10         00:33:57         10.00km     02:19    25.90
T2            00:01:33          00:35:07
RUN        00:11:33          00:47:03            2.0km

I'll put the photos up when I get then
Our next event ? We are looking at doing the Mother's Day Classic and then Run Melbourne presented by The Age

Until next time from Team-LSD

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