Monday, February 18, 2013

Cerberus Race Report

Cerberus Race Report

One week on from Geelong OD my body has feeling good. I had done a few walks a gym session and an open water swim and not too much else. Saturday saw me complete my 10km recovery run at Elwood with my TA team mates followed by watch some transition practice. After training I headed off to pickup Ellie then head down to Half Moon Bay for the swim around the rusty boat (aka Cerberus). The race start was 12:30pm for the 1.2KM we got there around 10:30am just in time to see Steve (another TA member) head off for his 2.5KM swim. We had a lot of hanging around to do as my wave start was 1:15pm and Ellie’s 2pm. We kept busy watching the 2.5km races before too long it was time to change into our wetsuits, warm up and get ready. My swim would be over before Ellie even started hers. The sun was warm so once the wetsuit was on into the bay for a warmup and keep cool. I lined up the siren sounded and off we went. Out towards the first can and the was the typically washing machine start, people everywhere. As soon as I could find clear water I push, I noticed that the water at Half Moon was very clear for change. I found I was being pushed towards Sandringham away from the first can I changed my aim and passed the can with in ½ meter, up to the second can and again I could feel the push away from the swim course. At the second can it was up behind the rusty boat (aka Cerberus) I felt a bit of a bay chop until I rounded the third can and straight line into the beach.

I crossed the line in 21m 45s.

Rusty Boat aka The Cerberus

At the start of the 2km Swim

TA Crew who swam

Post Race Feed, Beer and Music.

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