Sunday, March 17, 2013

A–Z of Triathlon

A             Age Grouper / Aero
B             Brick Session / Body Marking / Bonk
C             Tri Clubs over 200 in Australia
D             Drafting / Dehydration
E             Endurance / Electrolytes
F             Fartlek / Field / Freestyle
G             Gels / Goggles
H             Hypothermia / Hydration / Heart Rate Monitor
I              Ironman Widow – Partner who never sees him/her due to all the training required
J              Junk Km’s
K             Killer workout
L              Lace System for Shoes / Lactate Threshold
M            Ironman M-DOT / Max Heart Rate
N            Nutritional
O            Olympic Distance – Noosa a Must do for any Triathlete
P             Race Plan / Pronation
Q             Quadrathlon - Four disciplines - Swim, Kayaking, Cycling and Running
R             Rack (Bike Rack) / Race Director / Red Card
S             Sprint Distance (Short Course) / Swam Cap
T             Transition areas / Target Heart Rate / Timing Chip / Triathlete / Tapering
U             Ultra man – Ultra long distance Triathlon - 3 days approx 500km
V             VO/2 volume of Oxygen used
W            Wetsuit / Wave / Wipe Out
X             Xterra Triathlons – Road/TT Bikes replaced with Mountain Bikes and Run is Trail Running.
Y             Yellow Zone – no overtaking on the bike. / Yellow Card
Z             Training Zones

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