Sunday, February 2, 2014

Port to Park Race Report

Saturday saw me complete other open water swim, this time Port to Park in Port Melbourne hosted by the South Melbourne LSC. The course is basically a straight line and at the final buoy turn in and head to shore. The conditions where perfect, pool like water and warm. Almost too warm for a wetsuit, but still yet another race in my 2xu X2.

Ellie came along for support and something to do while she was still recovering from our Appendix Operation. We got there parked, registered, grabbed my gear from the car and headed for the walk up towards Port Melbourne. Around 15mins before my swim and fully put on my wetsuit and headed in for a warm up swim.

There was a little bit of onshore current but not too bad. The sun was warm so I stayed in the water to keep cool, before the Marshal's called us all to shore for a race briefing and then sent us out for a deep water start. Some 60 old 40-59 year old guys, this would be a washing machine start was my thoughts and with that the horn sounded and off we went. I felt strong and good along the course, swim over people and people swimming at my toes; yeap a washing machine race. At the final buoy I turned in and headed for shore and ran up the beach over the line in 20m 54s.

 Bring on Geelong 5150 next weekend.

Bay Conditions at South Melb LSC

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