Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ms Walk Race Report

With another cold, wet day in Melbourne offered a very interesting start to the day.

To be honest when I got there I felt like pulling out, I was cold, very cold but after the Warm up in front of the stage. We all line up wait for a few slow coachs then off we wet.

Yesterday's rain made the course dam under foot, there were some big puddles that needed to missed, few people didn't.

For the firsr 2.5km I held my own no-one passed me but then the fast people came through.

I made it to the line and I looked at the time 25m 09s. not a PB but close.

Overall I finished 47th or 37th Male and 11th in my age group

Didn't hurt too much at the end another done, some 5 weeks to go until Run Melbourne.

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