Monday, July 19, 2010

Run Melbourne Race Report

Run Melbourne Race Report - Well it's over. Completed in 56m 25s. My legs hurt and I have blister on the arch of my left foot.

We (Lisa and I) made a call to stay at the Travel lodge @ Southbank so we could start the day earlier and not have to worry about getting there, parking, etc. Saturday afternoon we went for a walk through the finishing area followed by dinner and an earlish night.

Alarm went off at 6:30am, A quick shower then downstairs for a breakie followed by a walk up to the start line and we watched the Half Marathon's start. My first thought was it's cold then the wind hit, I said to Lisa it's going to be very cold and Windy.

After that back the Hotel, change and off for my 9am Start. Did some warm up's got a arm pace band lined up and waited to go. Off we go, felt great for the first 3kms, hit Anderson Hill then I hit bit a hill. At the water station at the bottom of Anderson's Hill I grabbed a cup of poweraide and kept on going. At around 7km mark I started to feel my left foot starting to hurt in the arch. I knew this was not good, it slowed me down, but I kept on going. Made it over the finish line.Looked at the time, and thought thats not too bad. Wanted to finish under 1hr and I did that.

As I finished after 10, I didn't get a chance to see Lisa start her race, so I made a quick dash back to the Hotel, took my shoes off checked out the damnaged not too bad, had a shower and then headed back to see Lisa finish.

Both of us had a bad day, but didn't stop, didn't pull out, kept on going. So in my mind it was a good day.

After Lisa had a shower we checked out and went for Lunch at Waterfront at Station pier nice lunch, compared race notes.

Race Photo's to come.

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