Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elwood Race Report

With Geelong coming up soon and being my “A Race” I wanted to make sure that I sorted out my race plan. So I registered for Elwood Sprint which would be a full dress rehearsal for Geelong.

Race morning came and the weather was not too cold nor too hot great for racing. I showed up at the team Taj, got myself ready then headed into transition racked my bike and setup my transition area. I headed back to the tent dropped my bag off and then headed down to the beach to watch the Active Feet race.

The water looked somewhat flat and nice before too long it was time to put on the wettie and head down for my race start. I got my warm up swim in and then waited for my wave start the horn sounded and off we went. 500m of white water fun, for me the swim has got easier over the years. I pushed on through the course and run up the beach into transition.

I grabbed my helmet and bike and headed out for 2 laps on the course. It’s always nice having other TA support from both on the field and from the crowd. Before I knew it 2 laps had been done and I was coming back into transition.  I racked my bike put on my runners and headed out for a quick 5km run.

I finished in a time of 1hr 21m, not my best sprint time but still good. My race prep felt good which was the main key for this race.

Transition Setup Ready to go Coach

Out of the swim heading towards T1

Out of the swim heading towards T1
At the bike turn around near transition
At the bike turn around near transition

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