Monday, January 28, 2013

Great Australia Day Swim 2013 Race Report

I love this race at Brighton, lots of fun however this year saw me swim the event recovering from a head cold. I didn’t train too much this week keep it light and kept up the fluids. I made  a trip to the doctor for the standard drugs. Race or not to race always the burning question. So the final call was to be made on Saturday morning.

Late Friday I felt ok but still a little blocked up, but an early night and see how I felt in the morning. I woke around 3am and felt a lot better, went back to sleep and woke up around 5:30am. Had a good breakfast followed by the shower, etc. I got down to Brighton Baths around 6:30 and put in a 12km run prior to catching up with Ellie and her mum and then the TA crew. Tri Alliance made the call to have the Short Course Athletes’ do our Saturday session at Brighton Baths. We were encouraged to Run and do the Swim event.

After we got the TA Taj up, Ellie, her mum and I got our race kits and then walked out along the breakwater to view the course for both my 1.4km swim and Ellie’s 650m swim plus to see how the 5km swimmers were going.

We headed back and got changed ready to swim, I jumped in and swam up along side of the pier and I felt good, headed back in to the shore then the walk out along the pier to the start line. Jumped in again another warm up swim cleaned the goggles and waited to be called up. The waves on the south side of the break water had a greater swell then inside the breakwater, the swell was southerly push which meant the swim should be fast. In my wave was some 60 + people, the horn sounded and off we went this group wanted to play rough, swimming over the top of each other. I tried to find clear water which took me some time but after the first can (buoy) I found clear water and was able to leave the rough stuff behind and push on. Passing all the buoys and turning into the harbor I pushed hard and it felt fast. As I was coming in I felt a massive crap in my right calf muscle which made me stop for a min to massage it out then I pushed on to the finish line. I run up the beach over the finish line.

Not my best race but I felt good considering the head cold and the crap.

After the race I catch up with Ellie and she had a cracker of a race. We changed then and made our way back to the TA Taj for catch up with the TA crew and the group photo.

Next race Geelong in 2 weeks. Can’t wait.

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