Saturday, March 28, 2015

So with your “A Race” over what do you do? Fun time! That’s what.

Port to Park Race Report

1 week on from Challenge Melbourne I signed up for Port to Park, just a little 1.2km. After doing my rego bit I went for a run towards Elwood, my pace was good, not bad 1 week on from a Half Ironman Distance.  I bumped into the Short Course Crew who were on their long run out, great to see some faces.

When I got back to the car I changed and grabbed my full length speed suit and headed down to the race briefing before walking up to the beach to the start area. I had never raced in this speed suit, but it was my downtime and time to have a little fun.

We lined up and when asked went out to the deep water start, straight line down the bay, left hand turn and in.

 The water was flat, the horn sounded and off we went, I found clear water and got in a race pace. I came up to the last buoy and headed in.

Race time 19m 10s

Sorrento Race Report

This race was went to be part of my build for Challenge, but due to bad weather they cancelled the race. I pay my money and I figure might as well race it. The Friday it poured down rain all night. I really thought they would cancel the race. On the drive down it rained, I got to Mornington got a coffee and checked Facebook for any updates. Still on; when I got Sorrento I parked and headed down to rego picked up my pack, listened to the race briefing before headed back to the car to drop off the all the gear I didn’t need and grab my wetsuit. It was still raining a little but what the hell I’m swimming anyway. As we got down to the race start the sun came out, water was clear, swim time.

We lined up the horn sounded and off we went. Out around the boats and down the bay towards the end I could feel the tide pulling me. I missed the turn buoy my 50 meters, on well into the beach and over the line.

Race time was 30m 23s.

After changing and getting some food I found a nice quick spot on the beach in Mornington for some R&R in the sun.
After talking with Anna, Swim Coach and Kristine a team mate about a secret swim but more on that later.

Nice Conditions

Finish Area
Swim Finish

Cerberus Swim Race Report

With a secret swim coming up I up’d my swim training with Anna, part of the this event was another open water swim 2.5KM distance. On the Wednesday before race day I txt’d Anna and asked her about doing the double, 2.5km and 1.2km. She felt no problems, so I changed the race entry to do the double.

I showed up on the Saturday early to get a onsite car parking spot, this is my backyard, my outdoor big pool; I know half moon like the back of my hand. I went got registered at the desk they asked which event I was doing which I replied with the day double. Looking down the list there was some 20 or so doing both events.  I headed off for a 10km warm up run before the swim. I got back and re-hydrated before getting changed and heading down to the swim start.

The water was flat and clam perfect for swim, almost like  a pool. We listened to the race briefing before doing a little warm up swim and then lining up. The horn sounded and off we went; down the bay towards Sandringham then a U turn and back up and into the beach. 

I stripped my wetsuit down to my waste and headed back to the car for more fluids and food. I had an hour between events. While waiting I bumped into a few TA crew who showed up to do the 1.2KM. Before too long it was time to get ready for the race #2. The wetsuit arms  and upper body where dry like the suit hadn’t been used. I jumped in for another warm up swim and race briefing number 2. Just before the swim start on the buoys had drifted the wind had picked up. We were told to no worry about the first buoy just head for the second and around the back of the Cerberus and in. 

Horn sounded and off we went my arms where sore and heavy but with the secret event coming up I need to push through. I did around the boat and back in.

Race #1 (2.5km)                42m 46s
Race #2 (1.2km)                20m 24s

Great Conditions for 2.5km Swim

View of the course on my run
1.2KM Swim Start

Conditions changed between 2.5km and 1.2km

Swim Finish on the 1.2km

Cerberus in her heyday

The secret Event (Melbourne Swim Classic)

I see your saying OK, it’s just another swim, yeap it was but this was the longest race in my life 5km. Now you can understand the double header race. In the morning I did a little 5km run before heading up to St Kilda. I got to the race start, did my rego big, bumped into David Brooks, a mate, who did an interview with me about the race. Then I found a nice quite spot on the grass and chilled out for a bit. After listening to the race briefing I changed into my wetsuit. We went in for a warm up swim, when I got out to the turn buoy you could feel the current coming down from the St Kilda pier, oh well. There was 2 starts one for the 2.5km and one for the 5km. We lined up on the beach the horn sounded and off we went.

I only had one goal was to finish the event. I had a 4 laps to swim I found my happy pace and swam. 1st lap, 2nd lap, 3rd lap. On the 3rd Lap I looked at my Garmin, it said I had swam some 4.6km, is this right did I swim right, it was 4 laps according to my race briefing and notes. I started to question my race plan, did I stuff this up. I talked myself into doing the 4th lap. I finished the 4 lap and crossed the line. I grabbed some water and headed back to the gear tent. I changed and headed back to the finish line to sign my name.

On my way back to the car I bumped into a few from the TA crew who where showing up to do the 1.2km swim. I was asked not swimming? Which I replied with I just did, I did the 5km swim.

My time was 1hr 46m 41s.

Once home I looked at the data and did some checks the course was long 5.6km by my watch. On Strava others who did the same swim showed their data was 5.8km/6km. OK I felt better. After a nap and shower I took myself off to see the Foo Fighters. 2 ½ Hours of a great concert, this was my reward for doing Challenge Melbourne.

So what’s next, well and OD at St Kilda at the end of the March.


Stuff you see when registering - Yes that is the Titanic

Swim Finish
5km signing board

Foo Fighters!

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