Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gatorade Race 5 – St Kilda Race Report

Sorry for the delay but here is the last race of the season was here. I had registered for this event 2 weeks post Challenge Melbourne. I wanted to race at least one more Tri before the season was over.

Saturday before the event our Club did our standard pre race day. It was cold, like long figure gloves. The plan was to ride the bike course, small run off the bike and swim. We headed out on the bike, I lead the whole way and put some efforts in. It was the 3rd time on the bike post Challenge not a lot of bike time. My running and swimming I did keep up but the bike dropped away due to other events. My legs felt good, after getting back toughing the runners on a quick run down to Luna Park and back. Legs again felt good and fast. Coach Scott then did a bit of a briefing for the race and few went for a swim. During those swimming it Team Tent building time.

At the end I managed to bribe the Supersprint Staff and picked up my race pack early. Before heading home, chilling out and getting race ready.

Race day, it was a cold morning and clear when I got to St Kilda the Team Tent was empty, I opened the front up dropped my bag got my act together. Water and Food for the bike shoes on the bike, etc.  When a few more team members showed up I headed into Transition with all my gear. Found my rack space racked my bike and then headed back to the tent to chill out. 

Around 7am I went down to see the Mini Start and support a few of the TA crew. Before a quick run to the bathroom and back to the tent into my wettie and down to my own swim start.

Warm up Swim

Race Start

I jumped in and the water was fresh, very fresh, my face hurt. I swam out some 200m and back to the beach. Trying to warm up in the sun, it was not too long before my wave start, we lined up and the horn sounded. Off we went I couldn’t get my breathing right, the water was cold and couldn’t breathe, I slowed my stroke and force myself to catch my breath. By the first buoy I found my rhythm and I my breathing was under control.  Heading out through the boats and turning back around and heading home I felt ok, cold but my breathing was goodl. As I came out of the water I headed into transition I got my wetsuit off, still cold, on with the helmet and sunglasses then grabbed my bike and headed out. I was hoping that the sun would warm me up, but I still was cold the first lap and I half I was flying on the bike still cold but starting to warm up.

Coming out from the Swim

Having some fun on the bike
Trying to get warm on the bike

The 2nd half of the bike was mad, people everywhere on the bike course. People overtaking and then not moving left sticking in the overtaking/fast lane. I and other fast riders yelled out for people to stick left. Some people listened and others didn’t. On the last lap it was not better, not wanting to get a penalty for drafting I kept yelling out. Coming back to transition I felt somewhat warmed up. I jumped off the bike run back into Transition racked my bike on with my Socks and Runners grabbed my Visor and headed out for 10km run. At the end of the first lap of the run I coped the standard amount of crap from the IM crew about my run not being quick nor going quick enough. The run is never my best part of a Triathlon but I kept it together, on the 2nd lap and sprint to home I give it everyone I had.

Enjoying the run

Left for 2nd lap Right for Finish

Done and Dusted

Finished with a new PB for me 2hr 44m 50s

Off season is well under way with races already planned for the rest of this year and early next year.

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