Friday, June 1, 2018

Challenge Melbourne 2018 Race Report

140 days since I last raced. After Busso I took some time off. My body was done; 3 Half Ironmans, Half Marathon’s, bunch of fun runs and all the training to complete 2017 Race Goals.  I did some open water swims and I left my wetsuit and home. I enjoyed riding my new Roadie, I slept in, I smelt the roses as they say.

In February Fat December and January was over time to get serious for Alcatraz. Brick Sessions where back I started to run again. I always had in the back of my mind to do another Tri before the Summer Race Session was over. Challenge Sprint was in my thoughts but I wanted to wait to see what the weather would be like. 3 weeks out was not looking good, 2 weeks better but still not great. 10 days out perfect, 7 days out a cracker. So I registered, this was going to be interesting. The day before the race I did little training session, road to Mordy and quick run off the bike. I jumped into the Bay at Half Moon and swam out to the yellow pole and back.  I charged the bike, and started finding all the Tri gear. It all got washed and put away. Race Belts, caps, Trisuit, etc.

Race morning I showed up and went to rack my bike and I had forgotten to put my wrist ID on which I fixed quickly. Rookie mistake but I hadn’t raced in a while. It was cool but no wind; those of us racing the sprint went down and watched the Half guys come out of the swim before we headed back change and got ourselves ready.

We went down to the swim started did a warm up and lined up. The Horn went off and way we went. I felt good and strong as I came out of the water I was right next to Michelle my EX. I said hello and got where the F did you come from (apparently 2 mins behind according to the wave start)

I ran into T1 got the wetsuit off, Helmet on grabbed the bike and run out of T1. After mounting my bike it was time to ride. The bike course was crazy, lots of drafting and very very fast. I came back to T2 felt good, now the run. The run while ok was not great. Reviewing the data was very happy with the bike my fastest average ever. For the record my next best was Busso.  

Happy to do a race, happy to complete it as a warm up.

Setup Ready Roll

TA Crew ready to race

Looking the goods

Almost home

Done, glad to race again

Supporting with the crew

Time    1:58:39

Swim     0:12:28
T1           0:02:40
Bike       0:55:17
T2           0:03:08
Run        1:58:39

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