Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

Well with a few hours left of 2010 it’s time to reflect on the year gone.

So what did I achieve in 2010

- Turned 40 years old don’t feel 40
- Run a PB in 10km race – took 3 mins off
- Every Tri I have done I have improved my time. (Based on the same distance)
- Completed 2 Tri’s in February / March and went on to sign up for some more
- Broke in a new Personal Trainer (Alana)
- Spent way too much on sporting gear
- Injured myself and spent 12 weeks playing Rehab – Thanks to Ben at Recover Sports Med

So what is the plan for 2011

- Finish off the Xosize Tri 10/11 races (3 to go)
- Complete Races 5 & 6 Active Feet Tri’s
- Complete Mother’s Day Run, Run Melbourne, Go the Tan and Brazilian Butterfly Queen of the Lake
- Try and complete Defence Lake Attack (Tried the last 2 years might be 3rd time lucky.
- Build my running back up from 5km to 10km.
- Spent time with John Van Wisse to improve my Open Water Swimming
- Maybe an open water swim or two.

What else in 2011? Who knows but it’s only a few hours away.

Happy New Year everyone

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