Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just Registered for Active Feet Tri Race's 5 and 6 in March 2011

Might be that the close of the year is close or I'm going mad in the funny season but I have just registered for 2 Tri's in March 2011 that will make it 3 Tri's leading up to the end of Tri Season.

These are the Active Feet Tri's Race 5 & 6 and then Xosize Race 5 week after Active Feet Race 6

Race Schedule for March 2011 reads

Active Feet Fun Tri Elwood (6th)
Active Feet Fun Tri St.Kilda (20th)
XOSIZE Tri Series 10/11 Race 5 Brighton (27th)

Good way to close out the season of Tri's before heading back into running or may be a Duathlon or two.

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