Sunday, December 12, 2010

Active Feet Race 2 Race Report

Woke up a little before 5:00 this I could hearing the windy blowing I thought great not for a tri. After eating, showering, getting ready I check the latest weather and looked at the web cam off Patterson River the bit that worried/concerned me was the swim

The Bureau of Metrology Bay Report read

Forecast for Sunday until midnight

Winds: West to northwesterly 20 to 30 knots easing to 15 to 20 knots and tending west to southwesterly later this morning then tending more southerly this afternoon. Wind further easing to 10 to 15 knots this evening and tending back westerly tonight. Seas: Up to 2 metres decreasing to 1 metre later this afternoon.

Ok I can swim, but open water swimming I’m ok with open water swimming but not when it’s rough. When I arrived got my bike in the transition bag dropped off, etc. I put on the wet suit and made my way down to the beach for a practice swim which looking at the conditions was a good idea. A few of us headed out for a swim out to the first can and back in. After listening to the race briefing just before race start I thought that the wind had picked up and the bay seemed rougher looking at the weather info at St Kilda (3mins up the road from Elwood) the wind was gusting around 28km at 6am and 40km at 7am race start. Even the announce commented it look more like a surf beach that tri course. The pic below is from Patterson River taken during the morning it shows how bad the bay is.

Port Phillip Bay 12th Dec 2010

+5mins came along – race start time off we went, got to the first can without too much effort, and started heading up north towards the second can getting dunked and tossed around, made it around the second can and started to head towards the beach, but after being run over by another group and taking on some sea water I pulled aside of the swim course and got rescued by the guys at Elwood Life Saving Club. 3 of us all had decided to call the swim off. Looking at the list on the beach as they grabbed our race numbers there was approx 20 people who also had pulled out, but under the rules you are allowed to run over to the swim exit and join back into the race. So I heading into T1 grabbed the bike and headed out. The first thing I noticed was the wind we all were riding straight into it for the first 1.5km then a side wind right up to the turn around and back again with a side wind and bit of tail wind until the last 1.5km then we had a full tail until we hit T2. Put my bike back and changed by bike shoes for runners and head out for a run. Again into a head wind but I managed to keep a 10.5km pace until the tune around which I then picked up speed to 11.5km on the way back to the finish line.

So what’s the plan? Will time to speed some time with John Van Wisse before the next Tri next year.

The results
Race Time 40:35.44

Overall Place 313
Catagory Place 32
Gender Place 190

Swim 10:20
T1 01:48
Bike 15:06
T2 01:51
Run 11:31

As for comparing to last week, well you can’t last week no wind this week lots of it.

BTW: Pics for both this weeks and last weeks Tri to come

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