Friday, April 4, 2014

Race Report - St Kilda Gatorade Race 5

Last weekend saw both Ellie and I race in the last Gatorade race of the 13/14 season. Ellie signed up for the mini and I signed up for the Sprint. Last race of the season is always big, lots of people, party time and yes, a race.

Saturday morning I did our squad’s pre race program, ride, run and swim, followed by putting up the TA Taj. Around lunch time Ellie and I headed back down to St Kilda for her to register and for us both to collect our kits, I felt racey after the morning’s session. On the way back to the car we walked through transition found our racks then spent the rest of the day went spent having lunch and a movie.

Saturday Morning Prep
Sunday morning at 4:30am the alarm up off, I got up had breakfast, shower and shaved, changed and then headed off to pickup Ellie and her gear and then we headed off to St Kilda, race day! We parked close by got our gear out of the car then headed over to the TA Taj where we found our Head Coach needing coffee and a sleep. You can see why in the photo below.

Ollie in need of Cofee

Ellie and I arranged our Transition gear then headed in transition. After I racked and got my transition area sorted I headed over to help Ellie out. She had most of her stuff right, except I offered a suggestion of racking her bike by the seat instead of the handle bars. She took my advice and swapped the bike around.

We headed back to the tent to chill out before Ellie’s race. Ellie changed into her wetsuit and we walked down to race start. About 2 mins before her wave start I sent her for a warm up swim. As she lined up for her wave start Dave from Supersprint did he’s standard yet me know if there are any loved one’s in the wave. I said Go Grubby, (her nick name) and Dave said “Go Grubby? you can’t call her that!” which I replied with you don’t live with her.

Ellie and TA Girls at the Swim Start
Ellie’s swim looked good but seemed to have issues getting out of her wetsuit as she headed into transition. I raced across the park to the road to catch her as she passed on the bike. Sadly I had to head back to my own race briefing I waited for her on the run but I had to head back to the tent to change.

Ellie heading for T1

Few of us walked down to the swim start got in and did our warm up swims before lining up. The horn sounded and off we went, I felt strong through the whole swim and applied Anna’s my swim coach swim techniques to the swim, the water was flat and fast. I came out of the water ran up the beach into transition, I got my wetsuit off grabbed my sunglass and helmet, unracked my bike and headed out, as I headed out to the ride the bike jumped loose from my hand but I caught it and kept going. Over the mount line and off we went.

Me at the swim start
Flying on the bike

I felt racey and fast and I was, I pushed hard and felt good. I passed lots of athletes and team mates. As I came back my the venue I heard the TA cheer squad (aka the Ironman Crew) yelling out. I dismounted with a little bit of kaos with a few people dismounting. I re-racked my bike and headed out on the run. I didn’t feel great I need a bathroom badly, I passed Julia and Pam found the bathroom did what was needed and kept on running.

TA Cheer Squad

Me on the run home
My run is still crap since breaking my toe. I reached the turn around and headed back to the finish, I could feel something rubbing I thought it was the timing belt so I stopped moved it and started to run again. As I came close to the finishing line the TA cheer squad was at its best; I ran as fast as I could over the line. As I walked a back to the tent feeling sore and happy I saw Ellie who run up and tried to talk me out telling me she had win her event. I was happy for her but I foot was hurting and I wanted to get my shoes off. I sat down took my shoe off and found that the back of my shoe had rubber the back of my foot and caused it to bleed a little. I waited in line for a post race massage and Karn did his best on my lower body. As people finished we all chatted about our races swapping stories when Ollie pulled out a big eskie of beer. Party time, photos were taken beer was drunk and then the podiums started. TA picked up our standard haul of medals and awards. 

Karn doing his work

Ellie and I getting our Pic


End of Season Team Pic

Ellie and I

My time ? well 1hr 24m and 50sec not my fast sprint race but a good solid effort.

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