Sunday, April 13, 2014

Run for the Kids Race Report

For years I have wanted to run the long course race and it’s for a good cause, The Royal Children’s Hospital. I previous raced the 5km course and that was good fun. Ellie and I both signed up for the 15km and part of Ellie’s Marathon training it said she needed to do 20km. The plan was for us both to race the 15km but as Ellie would finish before me she would do a run around The Tan and we would meet at our meeting point; a Portable Cool Room we picked out.

We watched the 5km start and finish before we did our final bathroom stops which was funny to see the Public Toilets at the Skate Park a line of women using the mens toilets as well as the womens,  I’ve never seen that before.

As we worked our way into our wave start area we bumped into Lee from our Tri Club along with Juliet who is from another Tri Club but we all know each other. Ellie said that she heard someone say these two (us) look super quick let’s find another place back further. The start was delayed as per normal with these big events, but that’s life. Before too long we started to walk towards the start line then we started to run.

Over the Swan St Bridge and down towards the Domain Tunnel entrance at this point Ellie bolted down the Tunnel. After the last weeks race my legs were still feeling trashed so went at my own pace. I have never run through the tunnel but I’ve driven it countless times. I would feel the air flow through the tunnel and it was also a good chance to see where the speed cameras are located. (by the 1km to exit signs towards the end) As we run up and out the tunnel I felt my Garmin reconnect back to the GSP sats, 1-2km was slow, but the 2-3km was like 1min. Clearly the Garmin was working out where it was. As we came up to the first water station you could see peeps ducking off the course into the bush for a wee and then come back on. I grabbed some water and kept on going up the ramp into the Bolte Bridge. At the top was great view which I took the view before heading down the bridge to Footscray road and through Docklands. My calf cramp up and need to stretch it out I stopped stretched and kept on going. Around the marina down past Channel 7 then into Colins St and down to Crown. We then headed along Southbank to rowing clubs then up into St Kilda Road to the finish line.

Heading down Colin's St

Finish Line

After finishing I got some water then headed to the meeting point and waited for Ellie. During this time I stretched and sat in the sun, when Ellie got back we headed home and spent some time with Max my grandson.

Max and me doing selfies
My Final time was 1 hr 34 mins 04 secs

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