Sunday, October 17, 2010

Event Report – Ride around the Bay

Not really a race, but a event! Being my first event I choose a ride that I felt I could complete without too effort.

If any of you know event there are 4 rides 2 x 250km around the bay from 250km, 210km 50km and 80km schools challenge. I choose the 50km event it started on time and as we took off It started to rain down through City and over the Westgate Bridge through Williamstown to Altona and back again.

It was a real funny to ride over the Westgate Bridge for many years I have driven over the bridge but not ridden over it.
After getting to the turn around a 5min break then back on the bike and headed back.

Pity the weather was not better but still fun.

Tomorrow I back the Physio so we will see what he has to say about running again.

Pictures of the event will come

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